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Fake Turins release new single ‘Afterwards’

Fake Turins release new single ‘Afterwards’.

Fake Turins release new single ‘Afterwards’. The track sees the North London 11-piece explore a brand of tightly wound hedonistic-disco, using their strength in numbers to provide an immersive dance experience. At first ‘Afterwards’ exercises restraint and then a sweat-inducing frenzy ensues as the intensity grows and the tempo heightens. This autumn the band played two sets at Left Of The Dial Festival in Rotterdam, sold out The Lexington, London.

‘Afterwards’ is about the ever expanding nature of consumption, being caught in the rhythm of perpetual motion, where one decision just leads to another. More broadly the track regards the swampy depths of consumerism and how it drains society. Musically ‘Afterwards’ plays between a static bass line that keeps pushing the ideas of the song forwards and a propulsive ending, the tempo steadily rising into oblivion.

Frontman Dominic Rose says of the single:

“We want the listener’s heart to follow the tempo and steadily burn with the anticipations and frustrations of a modern existence. The lyrical sentiments explore overconsumption and a spiritual boredom.”

At the genesis of the project ‘Afterwards’ was the standout track of Fake Turins’ live show but they then removed it from their set. It returned successfully after recording sessions with Syd Kemp (Thurston Moore, Spiritualized, Vanishing Twin) in Ramsgate in 2020, the different elements of the group breathing fresh life into the arrangement. Following the release of their debut EP, the luscious art-rock of ‘Time Flowers Now’, Fake Turins’ new single ‘Afterwards’ arrives to repaint their trajectory, leaning on a love of disco, groove and an urge to dance. 

Grounded lyrically in the hyper-vigilance of today’s society, the beating heart of Fake Turins’ lyrics offer a sense of escapism as much as a cavernous groove to move to. Their raw strut and percussion channels New York City in the late 70s, while clarinet and saxophone float with a floral psychedelia. The Fake Turins’ wider collective is made up of a range of creatives that produce their music videos, artwork and fashion shoots, including a new series of short visual broadcasts entitled ‘Fake TV’.

In November 2021 the band will go on tour in support of new single ‘Afterwards’ before heading back into the studio with Syd Kemp to record a new EP set for release in Autumn 2022. Alongside their next London headline show at Electrowerkz on March 18th 2022 (*UNANNOUNCED*) the band will release another single, recorded as part of Crouch End Studios ‘Introducing Compilation’, which sees a release on vinyl.