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‘Analog Girl in a Digital World’ Arielle

Brian May-approved guitarist Arielle takes you on a trip back to simpler times with her new album “Analog Girl in a Digital World”.

‘Analog Girl in a Digital World’ Arielle album review

For those of us of a certain age, hearing the familiar screeching sound of dial-up internet heralding the start of “Analog Girl in a Digital World”, will take us back to a time where life was a lot simpler. It’s clearly a feeling shared by guitarist Arielle who kicks off the opening track of her brilliant new album by reminding us all that “there was a time, you should have seen it, where we lived without the internet”. Going on to state how much better it was back then, it’s the start of a brilliant pop rock/classic rock trip to simpler, happier times.

Described as a 21st-century classic rock artist, Arielle comes Brian May approved, and her Americana-tinged rock is an absolute joy to listen to. Album opener “Digital World” is a trip down memory lane packed with polished pop-hooks and tributes to the good ole days. Part-recorded on tape, there is something about this album that will have you quickly losing yourself in Arielle’s analog world. Maybe it’s the warmth that pours from Arielle’s honest, heartfelt music or maybe it’s the fact that if, like me, you’re of a certain age, hearing the brilliant “This Is Our Intervention”, will take you right back to your teenage years. Times when you had posters of your teenage crush pinned on your bedroom wall or you raced down to the local record shop on release date to pick up your favourite band’s new record. Now, it’s not just the fact that “Analog Girl in a Digital World” takes you on a joy-filled trip down memory lane that makes this album one you will go back to again and again, it’s fact that from the brilliant opener, each one of the songs is an absolute gem.

From the energetic opener to the classic rock of “Peace of Mind” to “I’d Rather Be In England”, a rare moment where Arielle takes the album down a more fun-filled route, “Reimagine Redefine” starts out gentle but brings the album wailing to a massive conclusion. Like the guitarist announces at the start, there was a time we lived without the internet, there was also a time when music sounded honest and straight from the heart, these moments are few and far between in the modern era but, for the duration of “Analog Girl in a Digital World”, Arielle effortlessly takes you back to those times.

‘Analog Girls in a Digital World’ is out 7th May. We also got to chat with Arielle about the album and more, you can see what she had to say below.

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