‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’ Marina Album Review

Sometimes when you put on a pop album, you just want a blast of colour and that’s exactly what you get when you put on “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land”, the new album from Marina, formerly Marina And The Diamonds. “You don’t have to be like everybody else. You don’t have to fit into the norm, you are not here to conform” is the line that sets the tone for the rest of this album as the pop favourite announces her entrance with the title track.

The title-track is a wonderful slice of electro drenched alt-pop followed quickly by “Venus Fly Trap” where Marina claims she doesn’t fit in and would rather be a venus fly trap than a wallflower. Let’s be honest here though, listening to Marina glide through track after track of retina-burning, attitude-drenched pop, there is no way this pop character is going to be the shy one in the corner at the party. No way! Marina IS the party and “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” is the soundtrack. From the moment it swaggers into the room, all eyes and ears are pointing in one direction. From the slick “Men’s World” to the powerful “Purge The Poison”, every second of this album demands your attention. Then, just to flip things on its head, Marina glides into the absolute stunning ballad “Highly Emotional People”.

Through every twist and turn, whether it be the 80s Euro-pop inspired “New America” or gentle “Flowers”, this is a sensational album with surprises around every corner. From the beautiful voice that filters through on “Flowers” to the attitude of “Venus Fly Trap”, Marina shines like the brightest diamond. With the weather starting to take a turn for the better and Summer just around the corner, now couldn’t be a more perfect time for a wonderfully colourful slice of pop. If you’re looking for that album, turn your attention towards “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” as this is probably the album you will need this Summer.

MARINA’s upcoming album, Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land; due out June 11th, with pre-orders available now.

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