Ashley Kutcher Survive My Own Mind Review by Graham Finney

Back in 2021, Ashley Kutcher released her One Eighty, mini-album, a collection that our writer described as “cute pop”. Underneath the cute, poppy music though, was an artist with a heap of potential and, with the release of this, her new mini-album, the last twelve months have seen Ashley Kutcher start to grow into that artist.

A seven-track set, “Survive My Own Mind” finds a more grown-up Kutcher pouring her heart into these songs. Starting off with the gentle title track, Kutcher’s warm vocals wrap around the slow strum of a guitar while “Love You More”’s tender delivery matches Kutcher’s equally soothing vocals. It’s a technique the singer uses throughout “Survive My Own Mind” and, as the EP reaches the piano-filled “Sleepy”, Kutchers words find her in a reflective, slightly world-weary mood.

With a few years worth of experience under her belt since the release of the “One-Eighty” EP, those experiences have certainly affected and shaped the singer. Far from being the cute pop star that sang about “fake bitches” on her previous EP, tracks like “Emotionless” feel heartfelt and sincere as they play out over a sound of what is essentially easy-listening pop.

Despite all that growing up that Ashley has done over the last twelve months, she still has that knack of being able to write “cute pop” and this can be heard on the more upbeat, playful “Nothing’s All The Time” one of the latter tracks on “Survive My Own Mind”.

Clearly an EP which delves into the more personal side of Kutcher, “Survive My Own Mind”, is a chilled affair and one that doesn’t really offer much in the way of surprises. When an artist arrives on the scene at a young age as Ashley Kutcher did with her debut EP, you always wonder how they’re going to develop from there. Thankfully, “Survive My Own Mind” sees the singer heading very much in the right direction and making her one to continue keeping an eye on over the next twelve months to see if it is a pattern that continues from this delightful effort.

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