Two years in the making, ‘In Separation’, the new EP from rising Nottingham indie band Blondes, follows the band on an emotional journey which will sound very familiar to many people. Written and recorded, the EP, which follows up their well-received ‘Out The Neighbourhood’ release, documents the disconnection, separation and reconciliation experienced by the friends in six polished indie nuggets.

Showcasing what the band describe as a more mature song writing, ‘In Separation’ is a breezy jaunt down 90s Brit indie. Jangly indie guitars fill the air as the likes of “Best Friends” and “Love In The Afternoon” take you on a pleasant, easy to navigate journey. Preferring a nicer, gentler format, recent single “Beautiful World” wraps up everything nice there is to like about this band and delivers it in one three-minute gift.

One thing you notice throughout the EP is that the Nottingham indie band never deviate from this tried and tested formula. Perfect for a Summer afternoon at any rock/indie festival, the material on ‘In Separation’ is more suited to swaying crowds than rowdy mosh-pits. Leaving you feeling warm inside, the EP wraps up with the brilliant “Conversations” as their journey from disconnection to reconnection is completed. It’s a perfect way to sign off this EP and, in essence, this new chapter in their career as a band.

Having gone viral on TikTok with their “Coming Of Age” single back in 2020, Blondes have gone from strength-to-strength. With this new found maturity, you almost feel like this could be the real coming of age for the Nottingham band.

Given the timing of the Pulp return and the ridiculous success of the Blur shows, it does seem like 90s Brit indie is on the rise again. Have Blondes timed their arrival with this new EP to perfection? Well, listening to this jaunt into 90s inspired indie, this could now be the right place and the right time for Blondes to launch an exciting new chapter in their career.

For more information on Blondes visit the Lab Records Official Website.

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