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‘Change The Show’ Miles Kane Album Review

‘Change The Show’ sees Miles Kane craft a wonderfully authentic collection of classic pop songs. Read our review here.

‘Change The Show’ Miles Kane Album Review

There are those occasions where you hit play on an album and, before the first track has even sunk in, it has your foot tapping and you nodding along without even trying. “Change The Show”, the highly-anticipated new album from Miles Kane is one of those albums and the beauty of it is that, with this collection of songs, Miles hooks you in so utterly effortlessly.

Described as “charmingly authentic” when Kane announces himself as “an old-school orchestrator” in the early moments of opening track “Tears Are Falling” and he couldn’t have put it better if he tried. After the slow-paced opener, the real foot-tappers start with an energetic jaunt through “Don’t Let It Get You Down”. The hook sinks into your head even before you have had time to comprehend how utterly brilliant it is while the chorus line is simply magical. Over a stomp of fifties rock n’ roll, Kane then teams up with the equally classy Corinne Bailey Rae for the sassy “Nothing’s Ever Gonna Be Good Enough”, with the pair trading seamlessly off each other before teaming up to smash out the unforgettable chorus line.

As for pop anthems, “Never Get Tired Of Dancing” is an absolutely wonderful slice of anthemic classic pop. Starting with an attention-grabbing wail from the singer, the swagger, the groove and the massive pop hook ensures your attention is held for the duration. That being said, there isn’t a moment throughout “Change The Show” where Kane won’t have your attention. A beautifully crafted piece of work, every track from the slow croon of opener to the energetic stomp of “Tell Me What You’re Feeling” to “Adios Ta-Ra Ta-Ra” where Kane waves goodbye as he dances off into the sunset, is a thoughtfully created piece of work.

Described as a collection of songs about his life and experiences, “Change The Show” is an album chock full of honest, authentic, magical pop songs. It’s an album that, by his own admission, Kane has sat on for a couple of years but one that fans will agree has been well worth the wait when he finally releases this wonderful collection of classic pop magic later this month.

Sadly fans will have to wait a little longer to enjoy these songs live with Miles’ planned January UK tour rescheduled for May but you can get details of all those tour dates here.