Foals “Collected Reworks Vol 1” kickstarts a busy few months for the indie favourites. While some bands have been content to put out the odd new track or two during lockdown, Foals have made sure their lockdown release is one fans won’t forget. Weighing in with three massive compilation starting with, unsurprisingly, volume 1, this is the ultimate package for any hardcore Foals fan.

A thirteen-track compilation, the set runs at an afternoon-wasting ninety-seven minutes and is just the start of this journey which culminates on October 9th with the release all three sets rolled into one giant, Foals-friendly limited edition coloured-vinyl set. Comprising of a career-spanning set of tracks, all given the remix treatment, it has to be said that listening to some of these reworkings, it’s going to be interesting to see how they go down with fans. Tracks like a chilled out “My Number”, remixed by Hot Chip, or a new remix of “Into The Surf” by Hot Since ’82, certainly put a new twist on fan favourites while the disco remix of “In Degrees” by Purple Disco Machine will surely have fans busting out their best disco moves.

Elsewhere “Mountain At My Gates” gets the remix treatment by both Alex Metric and SebastiAn an interesting touch given the differences between the two reworkings. “Spanish Sahara” also gets the double re-work treatment with both John Dahlback and Topher Jones giving their own differing interpretations of the same track. As an experiment, getting multiple artists to remix the same track has certainly thrown up some intriguing results. Now, given that this is just the start of the project, it’s going to be fascinating to see where Foals and the plethora of artists they surely have lined up take this. To be honest, it could go anywhere and, as a stop-gap until fans get new Foals material, it’s most definitely going to give their fanbase plenty to chew over.

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