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Dame Shirley Bassey ‘I Owe It All To You’ Album review

Dame Shirley Bassey brings the curtain down on her seventy-year career with the wonderful ‘I Owe It All To You’. Read our review here.

Dame Shirley Bassey, I Owe It All To You Album review.

If there is one artist out there that epitomises the term “icon” then it is Welsh legend Dame Shirley Bassey who, after a career of over seventy years, is finally bowing out with one final album, the appropriately named “I Owe It All To You”. As a tribute to her legions of fans, it’s a wonderful thank you. As a Dame Shirley Bassey album, it’s a fine collection of songs. As the full stop of a seventy+ year career, it’s a stunning way for the icon to bow out.

Aside from being minus a few of the Dame Shirley Bassey big-hitters such as “Goldfinger”, the album is just song after song of new tracks alongside some of her old favourites. Part Greatest Hits, part new album, “I Owe It All To You” covers off all the bases. The other point to note is that, even after seventy years, Dame Shirley’s voice still sounds absolutely impeccable. A note perfect display whether she’s belting out a Queen cover or the gentler “Smile”, even with a full orchestra backing her up, there is no mistaking who the illuminating star of this show is.

Kicking off by putting her own stamp on the dramatic and equally iconic “Who Wants To Live Forever”, her rendition is spine-tingling. A bold move as opener and, in all honesty, one she doesn’t quite match over the rest of the album. Essentially an album for the Dame Shirley diehards, the new tracks like the swinging “Look But Don’t Touch” are a nice addition to this collection but don’t hold a light to some of the career highlights that are missing from “I Owe It All To You”.

The title track, “I Owe It All To You”, is an emotional tribute to the fans who’ve followed her throughout her career. A classy note of recognition from a classy artist and as a thank you note, her fans couldn’t have asked for a more perfect note of appreciation. You could go as far as saying that the rest of the material on the album plays second fiddle to the title track such is the appreciation poured into every word Dame Shirley sings.

The music icon brings the curtain down on her wonderful career with “Music”, a fitting finale to not only the album but on seventy years spent at the top of the pack. Signing off in her own mesmerising way, there couldn’t have been a more fitting way for Dame Shirley to sign off her career than with this collection of songs.