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‘Dark Matter’ Camelphat Album Review

Dark Matter Album Review. Liverpudlian duo Camelphat team up with a plethora of stars to create a stunning dance album. Read our review here.

‘Dark Matter’ Album Review

It’s amazing to think that “Dark Matter” is still only the debut album from dance duo Camelphat. Highly anticipated and following release date delays, the album, now pushed back to October 30th, is surely going to cement their place as one of the hottest UK dance acts and comes ahead of a massive UK tour in 2021 which will see the pair headline the iconic Wembley Arena.

Having burst onto the scene in 2017 with their enormous hit “Cola”, the Liverpool duo quickly became one of the most in-demand dance acts on the circuit. If you need further proof as to their pull, a quick scan down the tracklisting for the twenty-one track album and you’ll discover collaborations with names like Yannis from Foals on “Hypercolour”, indie heavyweight Noel Gallagher on “Not Over Yet” and singer-songwriter Jake Bugg on “Be Someone”.

To be honest though, you could pick any track on “Dark Matter” and you’ll find someone from the “Who’s Who” of UK pop and dance lending their talents. Songwriter/Rapper Maverick Sabre lends his talents to the pulsing “Reaction” while “Keep Movin”  sees the pair joined by electronic producer Skream for another pumping slice of electro/dance/pop. Newcomer to the scene Will Easton joins the Liverpudlians on the recently released freebie “Witching Hour” which pops up to the rear of the album. A swirling, pulsing effort, the track is surely set to be a hit on the rave and dance scene and if you shut your eyes you can just picture seventeen thousand fans losing their minds in a sea of colour of pumping beats at Wembley Arena next year.

During some dark times in the nineties the rave and dance scenes really took hold in the UK with a wealth of legendary acts and venues leaving their mark on the mainstream music scene. We’re now heading into 2021 and, given the equally dark times that we’re currently suffering, it would seem that the release of “Dark Matter” could herald a new era for British dance and who better to lead the charge than Liverpudlian pair Camelphat?

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