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‘Discover Effortless Living’ Bull album review

In time for Spring, York indie chaps Bull release of their easy-on-the-ear debut album ‘Discover Effortless Living’. Read our review here.

‘Discover Effortless Living’ Bull album review

For most of us, the last twelve months have been pretty rotten in one form or another so, as we’re sat here looking towards the end of lockdown and the chance to get out in the Spring weather, along come York pop chaps Bull and their delightful debut album “Discover Effortless Living”. So, does this eagerly-awaited debut album live up to the high expectations being placed upon these indie-pop chaps? Opening with the delightfully effortless “Bedroom Floor”, the first thing you do is smile as their gentle sound washes over you.

A simple, pleasant album, tracks like “Green” will transport you right back to the 90s as you sway along in that carefree way we all did when we discovered indie music as students. Easy to digest and instantly likeable, everything about this record is perfect. The songs require little effort, all your stresses will disappear as you sit there letting the jangly “Serious Baby” and the infectious and slightly silly “Love Goo” sink their hooks into you. It’s not all sugary sweet indie though. “Serious Baby” starts off with their signature formula before veering into a surprising, and not unwelcome blast of distortion. It’s a twist that just gives the energy levels of the album a jolt in the arm because, up until then, “Discover Effortless Living” has barely raised the pulse rate.

Having said that, while being effortless, it’s also far from boring. There are plenty of times when you realise how wonderful this album you’re listening to is. “Find Myself A Job” is the student/indie anthem that fill the air when Summer festivals eventually return. It’s the perfect song for a late night sesh at Reading Festival as you dance, pogo and hug away the final days of the Summer with mates new and old which, given the twelve months we’ve all had, is precisely what we all need!