‘Discovery (Live in Rio 1994)’ Pet Shop Boys album review

Like Greatest Hits albums, live albums fall under two categories. The ones that are clearly put out as cash grabs or contract fulfillers by the band / label then the ones which both epitomise why the particular band in question have attained iconic status and become a major part of their catalogue. “Discovery (Live In Rio 1994)” by electro-pop duo Pet Shop Boys, unsurprisingly, falls into the latter pile of albums.

Recorded in Rio in 1994, you could say that this audio/DVD package captures the duo at their peak but, even now, over four decades into their career, the icon act are still at the top of their game and as iconic as ever. The double-CD portion of this package weighs in at twenty one tracks long and features some of the duo’s biggest hits to date. Even then at a mere thirteen years into their career, “Discovery (Live in Rio 1994)” has a good portion of hits in there, some that are still staples of the pair’s set thirty years later. A two-hour set, the pair put on a party for this packed venue in Rio, bouncing through all your Pet Shop Boys favourites including “Always On My Mind”, “Rent”, and “Suburbia”. If you’re a fan of the electro-pop stars and not dancing by the end of disc one then there is something wrong with you.

Disc two continues the party as hit after hit packs out their set list including favourites like “West End Girls” and their cover of Blur hit “Girls & Boys”. Digitally remasted for this release, the sound is absolute perfection and captures the disco/electro pop vibe of the band perfectly. At twenty-one songs long, “Discovery (Live in Rio 1994)” is the first thirteen years of the Pet Shop Boys gathered together into one package. Hardcore fans of the duo will love it, it’s a great insight into the history of this band for more recent fans and, as a precursor for their upcoming 2022 “Greatest Hits” tour, it’s the perfect warm-up for what will surely be one of the biggest parties of 2022.

Discovery (Live IN Rio 1994) is out now, head to www.petshopboys.co.uk for more info

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