Great British Home Chorus – Album Review

For all the sadness, stress, and disruption the Coronavirus has brought to the planet having been thrown into the most unique of circumstances, there have been some brilliant ideas people have come up with to keep sane. From home cookery programmes to remote gyms classes to weekly quizzes, the lockdown hasn’t curbed people’s creativity. Choirmaster and broadcaster Gareth Malone is one of those, bringing together the British public for his “Home Chorus” sessions.

Bringing together the voices of 11,000 participants, Gareth has put out the first EP in the series and, if you’re ever feeling a little down during this lockdown, this is the perfect pick-me-up. Featuring five tracks, the EP starts with “You Are My Sunshine” and, if you’ve not been exposed to the Home Chorus sessions, you’ll soon get the idea of how this brilliant idea works. From old to young, novices to the more experienced singers, these songs really hit the spot and, the release and concept couldn’t be more perfectly timed. From the heart-warming “You Are My Sunshine” to the toe-tapping rendition of “I’m Still Standing”, the four tracks (and one instrumental) will certainly put a smile on your face.

Given the popularity of the concept so far, with over 130,000 people registering to take part, the British public have taken Malone and this brilliant idea to their hearts. The BBC have announced plans to serialize it for a TV show at some point in the future so, could this be the kind of project that eclipses the success of the shows like X-Factor? Either way, as there is no point in looking into an uncertain future and, with Gareth Malone tapping into the perfect way to keep our spirits up, why not join in one of the most entertaining ideas to come out of these crazy times.

You can find out more on the EP here which is out  tomorrow 17th July:

You can purchase the EP here:*/CD/Gareth-Malone-s-Great-British-Home-Chorus/6JSS0P05000

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