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‘Ground Control’ review – Rudimental

London d’n’b outfit Rudimental return with their sixteen-track, guest-filled new album. Read our review of ‘Ground Control’ here.

Rudimental ‘Ground Control’ review.

London d’n’b quartet Rudimental have been plying their electronic wares now for over ten years and, such is the respect the group command within the music industry, their latest album, “Ground Control” sees them collaborating with pop high-flyers like Anne-Marie and Ella Henderson. A two-disc set, the sixteen-track, hour-long effort is split into two parts, with disc one opening with recent single “Come Over”, a track which features guest appearances from the aforementioned Anne-Marie and fellow Londoner Tion Wayne.

Aside from the two pop favourites who make an appearance on disc one, the remainder of the eight tracks which make up this portion of the album sees the London dancefloor fillers teaming up with the likes of MORGAN, Digga D & TIKE for the hugely popular “Be The One” – we’re talking eighteen million streams worth of popular as well. Regardless of the artist, the first half feels like it runs at a similar tempo throughout giving an all-to-familiar feel whether you’re listening to “Straight From The Heart”, “Come Over” or “Handle My Own”.

Disc two, hinted at during the admittedly chilled “So Sorry” featuring Skream, has a few more edgier moments. Moments like the expletive-filled “Instajets” featuring The Game, D Double E and BackRoad Gee – given what has gone on before it, it’s fair to say that “Instajets” is definitely a bit of an eyebrow-raiser. To be fair though it does seem to put a bit of a foot up the backside of the rest of the album with the likes of “Krazy”, “Hostess” and “C’Est Fini” where the d’n’b crew team up with London rappers RV and Lowkey.

While the chilled out vibe of “Ground Control” is something that will certainly not disappoint their fanbase, it does feel that it takes up to a track like “Instajets” before the album feels like it has woken up. Still, when the likes of Ed Sheeran have you on speed dial, as is the case with Rudimental, “Ground Control” could be seen more like business as usual for the highly-respected outfit.