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I Slept On The Floor – Another Sky album review

Invest the time into Art/indie quartet Another Sky’s debut album “I Slept On The Floor” and you’ll find a wonderfully unique piece of work.

I Slept On The Floor – Album Review

Inspired by six years of an ever-shifting lifestyle, London’s art/indie quartet Another Sky’s debut album “I Slept On The Floor” is about to see release and, with it, the first step in a new chapter for the band. Teasing their ever-growing fans with their recent single, “Fell In Love With The City”, Another Sky’s unique, creative sound has made them a name to watch in recent weeks with the single receiving praise in all the right circles.

As a taster for the album, the single couldn’t have been a better appetiser. Interspersing gentler moments with bursts of harder indie moments, it’s not long into “I Slept On The Floor” before you realise that you’re going to have to really pay attention to this to fully appreciate it. This isn’t an album full of throwaway hit singles. It’s an album you have to really dedicate your time to listening to. Take the song “Brave Face”, a song which keeps you hanging on in the hopes of crashing into a massive crescendo or the title track where the more artistic side of the band comes to the fore.

Having grown up in a small picket-fence town before moving to London, the latter track shows just how this life-changing move opened vocalist Catrin Vincent up to experiment. In fact, there are plenty of moments like this throughout the album such as the wonderfully unique “Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds”, a track which starts with gentle piano playing and ends sounding like something you’d hear in an Art House movie.

Honestly though, it’s hard to pinpoint specifics on this album. Given the journey that has brought Another Sky to this point, “I Slept On The Floor” is a peice of work that needs to be appreciated as a complete peice of work. Do so and invest the time and effort into the album and you’ll be rewarded with a truly unique album. With Vincent’s fantastic voice weaving its way in and out of the cinematic soundscapes the band create, “I Slept On The Floor” is an album that will, for those who can spare it the time, leave you utterly spellbound by.