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‘I Think We Need To Talk’ Tomi Saario EP review

Finnish songwriter Tomi Saario continues to prove his reputation as a rising star for 2021 with his new EP. Read our review here.

‘I Think We Need To Talk’ Tomi Saario EP review

Meaning no disrespect here but, if you had to list countries synonymous with producing chart-bothering pop, it’d be fair to say that Finland wouldn’t be too high up on that list. However, twenty-eight year old singer/songwriter Tomi Saario is clearly on a mission to change that. You see, despite 2020 being flushed down the pan for most of us, the Finnish songwriter has dug in deep to make sure the success of his “Just A Little” single didn’t go to waste.

After four years earning his stripes living in London, 2020 saw Saario being labelled as one of the ones to watch for the future and, with the release of this five track EP, the momentum from the Finnish pop star is surely going to continue at a breathtaking pace. A perfectly formed slice of pop, “I Think We Need To Talk” kicks off with 2020’s hit single “Just A Little”. It’s a great tone-setter for the EP with the rest of the tracks following a similar formula. Clearly, Saario and his team are playing to the Finn’s strengths having come up with a winning formula judging by how quickly his stock is rising in the pop scene.

What you get for you money is five tracks of easy to digest pop with all the nice hooks, easy on the ear melodies and tunes you can just sink into with very little effort required. Thankfully there is none of that dodgy ’80s European pop anywhere in evidence on this EP just five quality songs packaged up into this impressive taster EP. So, with 2020 out of the way, a couple of hit single under his belt and the new EP all ready to drop, there is now no reason why Saario can’t deliver on all the expectations heaped on him just over twelve months ago. Watch this space as they say. The EP is out now.

I Think We Need To Talk EP Tracklist:

  1. Just A Little

  2. Don’t Hurt Yourself

  3. Someone Like You

  4. I Wanna Be Your James Dean

  5. I Think We Need To Talk