Jojo “good to know” Album review.

US R&B star Joho has been making music since she was thirteen years old and, although there is a polished shine to her latest album “good to know”, it is also an album that you won’t put on to get a party banging. “good to know”, right from opener “So Bad”, is one of those albums that will play comfortably in the background without anyone complaining to “turn it down!”

Now, it wouldn’t be fair to call “good to know” a bland album because it’s not. There is something of a sizzle to her lyrics on tracks like “So Bad” but the music barely gets out of second gear as the R&B singer heads on a journey down middle of the road, easy-on-ear, soulful pop. As the album meanders through “Gold” and recent single “Man”, it becomes clear that JoJo has grown into a woman who is confident with her music. “Bad Habits” is more of the same with slightly x-rated subject matter played out over easy-on-the-ear R&B.

The tempo picks up a bit through the emotional “Lonely Hearts” although “Think About You”, the following tracks, sees JoJo revert back to type with more of the same meandering, inoffensive soul/pop. Nearing the end of the half an hour, “Comeback”, the track sees JoJo collaborate with Tory Lanez and 30 Roc and also sees her ramp up the temperate with more X-rated lyrics. However, if it wasn’t for the fact that your ears prick up at some of her lyrics then you’d expect the final couple of songs on this disc to, like the rest of the album, simply blend into the background. However, just as you get ready for this to finish, JoJo drags your attention back with the heart-wrenching, piano-driven finale, “Don’t Talk Me Down”. A classy, polished number, it sees the R&B star wrap this album up in style.

Like I said at the start, “good to know” isn’t a bad album. It isn’t even a forgettable one. On the whole, “good to know” is a polished, slick set of songs with a couple of outstanding moments from an artist who has grown up comfortable with her sound.

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