For all the criticism that pop artists are just a machine to churn out money-making releases for record labels, there are artists like Kehlani who simply refuse to be restricted by boundaries. With the release of fourth album, ‘Crash’, the former America’s Got Talent contestant casts off the shackles of expectation to create an album which, in Kehlani’s own words, heads in “a lotta different directions.”

At its heart though, ‘Crash’ is still deeply-rooted in the sultry sounds of the 90s r&b scene. However, far from sounding dated or nostalgic, ‘Crash’ comes across as a soulful, personal collection of songs from the singer. Pulling in elements of Kehlani’s previous three offerings, ‘Crash’ delivers a mixed collection of r&b and soul efforts kicking off with the slow, sauntering, laid-back opener “GrooveTheory”.

That being said, the sultry, temperature-raising opener sets the tone perfectly for the rest of this thirteen song collection where the title track, while following a similar tempo, has an edgy, underlying attitude. Now, if we’re taking about attitude, the singer cranks that temperature dial right up to max on “Sucia”, a collaboration with Jill Scott and Young Miko.

Elsewhere “Vegas” is a wonderful slice of r&b pop while “8” comes littered with innuendo before ‘Crash’ comes to a conclusion with the shimmering, swagger of “Lose My Wife”, a playful track which, combined with opener “GrooveTheory” provide the perfect bookends to ‘Crash’.

Now four albums into Kehlani’s career, ‘Crash’ is exactly the kind of album which will satisfy the legions of fans already hooked on the singer’s sultry sound while, at the same time, providing the perfect introduction to a new generation of fans looking for a soundtrack for the Summer months ahead.

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