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Kulick – Everyone I Know Will Die (Album Review)

Through the songs on ‘Everyone I Know Will Die’ Kulick tells honest, live-life-to-the-max tales all wrapped up in memorable pop-punk hooks.

Kulick – Everyone I Know Will Die (Album Review)

Never judge a book by its cover a sentiment that relates perfectly to ‘Everyone I Know Will Die’, the new seven-track mini-album from Pennsylvania songwriter Kulick. From the outside, the look and feel of ‘Everyone I Know Will Die’ gives off the moody, gloomy air of one of those ’80s new-wave/goth/indie album that filled our record collections. Nothing could be further from the truth with opening track “Necessities” whipping this record into life with a gloriously alt-rock/pop-punk bounce to it.

Despite the title, there is much more of a live life to the max energy about these seven tracks. Alongside the New Found Glory’s and Simple Plan’s of this world, Kulick writes the kind of songs that will hook you in the instant the first chorus bounces into your line of sight. Clearly of the life is worth living no matter what school of thought, songs like the brilliant “For Once In My Life” are as honest as they are infectious. Massive pop-punk hooks aside, it’s the heartfelt nature of Kulick’s lyrics that will resonate most with his fanbase and this is none more evident than on the gentle, almost heartbreaking “Don’t Think About Me”.

A wonderfully honest appraisal of life growing up, “Time To Go” is a full-throttle example of the Pennsylvania native at his finest. Not only is it a great track, the quality of his storytelling puts him up there with the best that the pop-punk / pop-rock scene has to offer without any doubt. It’s also one of those tracks that epitomises the inspiration behind Kulick’s work. Consisting of tales inspired by broken relationships, regrets and faded tattoos, in “Time To Go”, Kulick rolls this all into three minutes where he acknowledges his mistakes and lessons learned and heads of into the next day to see what that has in store for him.

Musically, the pop-punk scene is full of artists who, once you scratch underneath the surface of the big pop hooks, are devoid of any kind of substance at all. Not so with Kulick who, from the off, shows a maturity in his songwriting that promises for the kind of future where his tales and experiences will resonate with music fans of all ages. Expecting big things from an artist who, at such an early stage in his career, is delivering flawless collections like ‘Everyone I Know Will Die’.

“‘Everyone I Know Will Die’ via ENCI Records on January 28th and is available to pre-order HERE.