British-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Laurel appears to be striking gold whatever she turns her hand to. A rising pop career which has seen her grace the main stage at Coachella, Laurel can also be found in the fashion world, having previously collaborated with iconic fashion brands such as Burberry, Ganni, and Vivienne Westwood. For now though, all attention is on her new album, ‘Palpitations’.

An album which musically ebbs and flows. From more uptempo numbers like “Sunset Dreaming” and “Coming Back For Me”, to dreamier efforts like the more sombre effort “Breakfast”, ‘Palpitations’ feels almost as effortless to listen to as it did to create. The pop melodies coursing through the songs get your foot-tapping in no time, while you can feel the stresses of the day simply draining out of you as the almost sunset-like dreaminess of the music washes over you.

As someone with multiple career hats on, it’s easy to see how a song like Laurel’s reflective recent single “Burning Up” comes into life. However, despite the theme of the track revolving around trying to navigate a chaotic lifestyle, musically, the track could not be further from that. Awash with dreamy pop melodies, musically, the current single is the almost the perfect antidote to its inspiration.

And that is the beauty of not only ‘Palpitations’ but Laurel as an artist. Whether you’re chilled out in the countryside, relaxing on the beach, or trying to navigate any of the UK’s overcrowded, troubled-cities, ‘Palpitations’ and Laurel are there with a song to help you on your way.

Furthermore, with hopefully some lazy, hazy Summer nights ahead of us, there couldn’t be a more apt album for company. Sitting watching the sun go down listen to the dreamlike pop crafted by Laurel, you can almost feel yourself sinking stress free into your chair.

To pick up your copy of Laurel’s album ‘Palpitations’, head over to her Official Website

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