Lemar ‘Page In My Heart’ Album Review by Graham Finney

Surviving twenty years in the music industry is something of a milestone to be proud of so, to celebrate this achievement, R&B singer-songwriter Lemar is back with “Page In My Heart”, his first album in 8 years and an album that finds him putting a modern twist on a funk-inspired sound.

Gliding into track two, “Glorious”, a song that features guest vocals from Jessica Agombar (who counts superstars like Shania Twain and BTS amongst her credits), it’s obvious that “Page In My Heart” is going to be pure Lemar. Whether it is the sound of his unmistakably smooth vocals or the slick, polished grooves of tracks like “Future Love”, longtime fans of the soul singer will be left absolutely spellbound by “Page In My Heart”.

As well as taking inspiration from a sound that he’s almost made his own, this album sees Lemar draw from conversations he has held with fans with those stories inspiring tracks on the album. As with all artists at this stage in their career, it hasn’t all been highs with the moodier “I’ve Been” finding the singer reflecting on those tougher moments.

Thankfully, artists like Lemar bounce back and he follows that reflective track up with a more upbeat offering in the form of “The Weekend”, a track that will surely have his fans dancing around their living rooms getting ready for those Friday night antics.

This welcome return comes as Lemar celebrates the release of his hit debut album, “Dedicated”. As both a celebration of his double-platinum debut and a standalone album in its own right, it’s hard to label “Page In My Heart” as anything other than a delightful return to the limelight.

Ending with the emotional, piano-drenched “Where Do We Get Off?”, on this evidence, no matter what the music industry has thrown at him, Lemar has shown that he has plenty to offer the world for quite some time to come something his legions of fans will be very thankful of.

Track Listing:
1. Page in My Heart
2. Glorious!
3. Future Love
4. Dust
5. Take Care
6. Free Your Mind
7. Turn My Love
8. I Been
9. The Weekend
10. Where Do We Get Off?

Order your copy of ‘Page In My Heart’ from the Official Lemar Webstore.

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