Known for clocking up many hours on the road, Scottish indie band Neon Waltz are back with “Honey Now”, the follow-up to their 2017 debut “Strange Hymns”. A lot has gone on since their debut so hearing frontman Jordan Shearer stating “the world is changing, I’m lost in space again…” during track two, “As Good As Gone”, it’s going to be interesting to see how life away from the road has shaped their music in 2023.

Primarily written during the lockdown and a period of personal change within the band with them ushering in the new era with the first single from the album “Thoughts / Dreams / Regrets’”. Given the title, it’s unsurprisingly a track which finds the Scottish quartet in particularly reflective mood as, instead of wallowing in their disillusionment of the music industry, they took the time to regroup and rediscover themselves and their fire.

Now despite, lyrically at least, being built around the negative aspect of their lives and experiences, tracks like “When All Is Said And Done” make the use of catchy poppy hooks, while the indie bop of “A Million People” builds up into a delightful soaring chorus. “Birthday” trundles along on the back of a jangly, upbeat organ while, wrapping up the album is “This Time Next Year”, a sombre look to the future. Capture both the hope and despair at what the future could hold in store for all of us, the track represents a haunting conclusion to “Honey Now”.

Musically, “Honey Now” ebbs and flows from sombre tracks like “This Time Next Year” and “Thoughts / Dreams / Regrets”, into more poppier, anthemic moments like “Birthday” and “All I Need” flowing effortlessly around the reflective, at times remorseful words of frontman Jordan Shearer.

Combined, the two elements create an album that captures the moods and emotions of a band who, aside from the challenges faced over the last two years, have gone through their own rollercoaster moments but, having regrouped and rebuilt, have returned with an emotional, honest collection of songs and an outlook that says these Scottish bandmates are back and more than prepared for whatever the world cares to throw at them.

To pick up your copy of “Honey Now” visit the Official Neon Waltz Website

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