Throughout her career, Paloma Faith has become a multi-platinum-selling, Brit award-winning, certified superstar of the British music scene. Now releasing her sixth album, “The Glorification of Sadness”, the album finds Paloma Faith flying the flag for female empowerment and the importance of authenticity and happiness.

For all the fighting talk, “The Glorification of Sadness” is also an album where the singer shows her vulnerable side as demonstrated through the acoustic opener “Sweatpants” where Faith opens with the line “Nobody’s perfect. Least of all me.” Following that powerful opener, the rest of the album finds Paloma Faith in battle mode. “God In A Dress” sees her stating “I might be feminine but I am not delicate..” in what feels like it could quickly become an anthem for women across the globe.

“Nothing More Human Than Failure” splits the album with a gospel meets spoken word interlude as, again, Faith shows her vulnerable side.

Written in response to the break-up of her marriage, the singer has explained how the track listing runs in chronological order telling the story of the break-up of a long-term relationship. However, rather than wallowing in her sadness, the album has been written to encourage taking responsibility for your own happiness. From sadness to rage to empowerment, “The Glorification of Sadness” run the gamut of emotions in 17 powerfully therapeutic chapters.

From start to finish this is an album that feels truly personal and deeply open and honest. Tracks like “How To Leave A Man” and “Cry on the Dance Floor” certainly sound like they’re coming from someone who has had their heart broken but, when the album reaches the stunning “Eat Shit and Die”, it’s obvious that this is one person who isn’t going to just hide herself away from the world.

As the documentation of a long-term break-up, “The Glorification of Sadness” is as cathartic as it is heartbreaking. It’s also got wonderful pop moments like “Cry on the Dance Floor” which, come the tour in April, are sure to have thousands of women across the country up and out of their seats joining the pop superstar in celebrating life, happiness and a bright future.

To pick up your copy of the album or to get all the details on the tour dates, head over to the Official Paloma Faith Website.

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