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‘Set In Stone’ Travis Tritt album review

Country veteran Travis Tritt returns with “Set In Stone”, his first album in ten years giving fans a dose of “no-frills country music”.

‘Set In Stone’ Travis Tritt album review

It’s incredible to think that despite Country Music veteran Travis Tritt having seven albums to his name along with a plethora of awards including Grammy, CMA and Billboard Awards, “Set In Stone” is his first new album in a ten years. However, judging by what we’ve seen when we’ve covered Tritt on this site previously, Tritt is not only a veteran of the Country scene but also one of it’s most popular characters.

The eleven track album sees Tritt make a welcome return for Country Music fans and, along with a collection of his friends, and famous producer David Cobb, is certainly going to give them what they want. Described by the country music favourite as “a no-frills classic outlaw-country sound”, the album sees Tritt return to what he knows best. What that means for country music lovers is that, before they’ve even unwrapped “Set In Stone”, they’ll know exactly what to expect. Having given fans a taster already in the form of last year’s single “Ghost Town Nation”, the rest of “Set In Stone” follows a similar pattern.

At its core, “Set In Stone” is a simple, no-frills country album. There’s that familiar country twang in both the music and Tritt’s voice, a voice which, despite Tritt being labelled an “outlaw”, doesn’t have that same world-weathered drawl of fellow outlaws like the iconic Johnny Cash.

“Smoke In A Bar” sees Tritt take the listener back to an easier life, and, as he sings about “times changing” and “missing those old days”, it’s hard not to find yourself nodding in agreement at his wise words. Elsewhere there is a hint of regret about past actions in “Better Off Dead” while Tritt gives us an insight into why he’s been labelled an outlaw with the grittier “Southern Man”.

Epitomising the album, it’s a song where Tritt wears his heart on his sleeve in a won’t take no crap from anybody kind of it and it shows exactly why, after ten years away from the studio, his fans will all agree it’s great to have the country veteran back in the fold.

‘Set In Stone’ is out 7th May. Head to the Travis Tritt website for more information.