‘Mood Music’ is the best way to describe anything dream-pop duo Still Corners put their name to and ‘Dream Talk’, their sixth studio album, is no different.

The album kicks off with “Today Is The Day” a track which, if you close your eyes, takes you to a hazy, sunset scene in a Western movie. Following that the pairing of Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray take you on a gentle journey through “The Dream”, “Faded Love” and “What Is Real”. Three tracks which are so soothing and hypnotic that you can almost feel every care in the world you might have simply exiting your mind.

Listening to the reflective, romantic tones of the album, you start to wonder if there is a more perfect musical pairing out there than these two? The connection is evident for all to hear as the calming hum of Hughes music intertwines with Murray’s melancholic, dreamy vocals. It’s done so effortlessly as well.

The album saunters along through lead single “Secret World” while the last three tracks, while all epitomizing everything wonderful about this duo, show a musical pairing who sound like they barely break into a sweat as they create their hazy, dreamy soundscapes.

Shaped by her own dreams and fantasies, Murray explains of the album: “I had tapped into something new and the way it came out was quite hypnotic, like a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep.” From the opening tones of the album, as the pair’s hypnotic sound washes over you, it’s almost impossible not to be pulled into a similarly dreamy state.

Since forming in 2009, the musical journey that Still Corners have taken has been elegant and classy but it has also been wistful and calming. ‘Dream Talk’, the latest chapter in this journey, sees them combining all of that together into one beautifully crafted collection of mesmerizing soundscapes.

To get your copy of the album, head over to the Official Still Corners website here.

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