Strong Enough Album Review.

Shaun Escoffery might not be a name that you’re instantly familiar with but, let’s make no bones about it, this man is a big deal. Having spent the last twelve years holding the role of Mustafa in the West End Production of the Lion King, Shaun has been championed by none other than Elton John. It’s also fair to say that before you even hit play on his new album “Strong Enough”, you know it’s going to be packed with quality songs.

I have to be honest though and admit that going into this album I was also expecting something along the Michael Buble, Alfie Bow, Michael Ball line of things but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, in true West End fashion, everything about “Strong Enough” is absolutely massive and when I say that I mean superstar massive but that’s where the comparison stops. “Strong Enough” isn’t an album packed with songs written for a West End Musical. Far from it. This is packed like the title track where Escoffery’s voice powers out of the speakers or “Lucky” where he pours every ounce of his feeling into every line. If you’re a fan of big, soulful, heart-tugging songs this is an album packed full of them. Of course you wouldn’t expect anything less from a man who has commanded the attention of theatre audiences for twelve years now but this is a different game and, quite honestly, Escoffery makes the transition to solo artist seem like a walk in the park.

“Strong Enough” sees Escoffery give the performance of his life. From the powerful honesty of “Need To Believe” through the gentler “Candle”, “Strong Enough” finishes with the show-stopping “Surrender”. While his career has seen him share the limelight in his role as Mustafa, by the time “Surrender” brings “Strong Enough” to a wonderful finale, you’ll have no doubts as to who the star of this particular show is!

‘Strong Enough’ by Shaun Escoffery is out on Decca Records on 3rd July 2020

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