‘The Bitter Truth’ Evanescence album review

It’s been nearly a decade since the world last had a new album from American rock superstars Evanescence. As a band who throughout their career have faced challenges, it comes as no surprise that the band chose now, during the middle of a global pandemic to mark their return. With band members scattered across the US and Europe coupled with the expectations for this album make “The Bitter Truth”, possibly the most challenging record the band have had to put together, but also their most important.

Fronted by rock powerhouse Amy Lee, the band mark their return with “Broken Pieces Shine”, a slow opener that builds into the kind of pumping, epic rock that you’ve come to expect from the band. The album opener also sees Lee making a suitably massive sounding return to form as well. Delivering her honest lyrics in a soaring, flawless fashion, “The Bitter Truth” will cement Lee’s position at the top of the pack of rock vocalists. “The Game Is Over” and “Better Without You” finds the vocalist delivering her hard-hitting lyrics over a soundtrack of edgy, pumping electro-drenched rock. Elsewhere the album has its spine-tingling moments in the form of the attention-grabbing “Wasted On You” and the haunting “Far From Heaven” where Lee’s vocals are simply spellbinding.

After a decade out of the limelight, it would be fair for fans to expect the band to pick up where they left off and, for the most part, “The Bitter Truth” is that return to form. However, while the album is pure Evanescence, for the most part, nestled amidst the thumping, arena rock, and the haunting ballads are curveballs like “Yeah Right”, which will keep everyone on their toes with its upbeat tempo. A nice twist on their sound, it’s a style which Lee has said in recent interviews the band may explore further.

Curveballs aside, for an album that has been ten years in the making, there are very few surprises on “The Bitter Truth”. From the thumping rock tracks to the haunting, epic ballads, to Lee’s superstar vocals, there is nothing on “The Bitter Truth” that would disappoint anyone who has waited this long for their return. Essentially “The Bitter Truth” is Evanescence picking up where they left off just bigger and more epic-sounding than even.

The album is out 26th March – Pre-order HERE

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