Alongside Lewis Capaldi and John Lydon, our interview with Irish folk/punk troop The Mary Wallopers has been one of TotalNtertainment’s most popular interviews to date. It’s easy to see why as well because the Irish band are impossible to dislike. We followed that up by checking out their predictably raucous live show at Kendal Calling earlier this year and found ourselves having the time of our lives.

Well, when they’re not travelling the length and breadth of the country or propping up traditional Irish bars, the band somehow managed to find the time to record a new record. Now, when you have a band who are just so utterly bonkers, as are The Mary Wallopers, there’s that niggling doubt that all of that will get lost when captured in all it’s digital glory. However, fear not because, as soon as the opening notes of “The Bauld O Donoghue Master”, fill the air, you’re transported straight into the rowdiest Irish bar in town.

Mixing traditional Irish music with folk and punk, the Wallopers are pure entertainment. “The Holy Ground Master”, “Rakes of Poverty Master”, “Madam, I’m A Darlin Master”, the list of brilliant moments on this album is endless. In fact, it really is too difficult to pick out a standout moment because ‘Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is perfect from start to finish.

Thirteen traditionally Irish stories inspired by girls, drink and general drunken tomfoolery, ‘Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll’ provides slice after slice of wonderfully infectious offerings unearthed from the very heart of Ireland. It doesn’t require too much brain matter for you to enjoy it but that’s part of the beauty. Like their live show, ‘Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is just a glorious, feelgood slice of entertainment that will get your foot tapping and leave you with a big goofy grin plastered on your face. What more could you ask for in a record?

To pick up your copy of the new album or to find out the latest tour dates, head over to the Official Mary Wallopers Website.

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