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Travis 10 Songs Album Review

Scottish rockers Travis return with ten more inoffensive, dreamy songs on their new album ’10 Songs’ and you can read our review here.

Travis 10 Songs Album Review

Scottish rock band Travis are one of those bands who have made a massive career without ever really putting anything out that takes them outside their comfort zone. For their fiercely loyal fanbase, that is exactly what they want and precisely what they get with “10 Songs”, the latest offering from Fran Healy and Co. Now nine albums into their career, this latest collection keeps their boat gently bobbing along without once attempting to steer into more dangerous waters.

While it is easy to see how some level an accusation at the Scots that their music is bland at best, listening to “10 Songs”, it’s also easy to sink into the gentle tunes without too much effort. Soothing, calming, and relaxing, there is nothing offensive about tracks like the wonderful “A Ghost” or the new single “Waving At The Window”. Perfect as background music on a lazy afternoon, Travis write the kind of songs you can just melt into. Accompanying the steady, gentle pace of the music is the voice a Fran Healy, a man who effortlessly fills these songs with emotion through his stories. Raising the tempo of the album slightly, “The Only Thing” sees Healy pair up with The Bangles Susanna Hoffs for a wonderful duet while album closer, the piano-led “No Love Lost”, is a gentle yet emotional end to this collection.

Simply put, “10 Songs” is Travis at their most inoffensive yet most emotional, and, at nine albums into their career, you’re either going to love it or you’re not. If you’re a fan of the Scottish rock band already, this middle-of-the-road jaunt will be right up your avenue. Full of special moments, listening to “10 Songs” requires no effort on your part so just sit back, relax and let these dreamy songs just wash over you.