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‘Twice In A Lifetime’ Roachford Album Review

British soul legend, Andrew Roachford, returns with his sixth solo album “Twice In A Lifetime” and you can read our review here.

Roachford, ‘Twice In A Lifetime’ Album Review

Andrew Roachford might not be a name that springs immediately to mind when it comes to modern-day British music but, make no mistake about it, the singer is one of the most important names in British soul. With a career spanning 30 years, Roachford heads towards the end of this turbulent year with the release of his sixth solo album (and eleventh release in total). Packed full of heartwarming songs, “High On Love” is another flawless addition to Roachford’s impressive back catalogue.

A classy, slick affair, “Twice In A Lifetime” is precisely the kind of album Roachford fans would want from the singer. Opening with the polished “High On Love”, “Twice In A Lifetime” is packed with easy to digest, smooth-as-silk slices of British soul. On the subject of smooth-as-silk, the only place to really start is with Roachford’s voice which is so smooth it simply slips out of the speakers. Clearly not ageing one bit, his voice sounds as emotional and heartfelt as it always has and provides the perfect partner to the gentle, soulful music. From the honest “Too Much To Lose” to the tender “So Long” to the emotional “Written In My Heart”, there are just too many highlights to pick one standout track from this album such is the quality of Roachford’s work.

As if to cement his place in the upper echelons of British music, “What We Had” sees Roachford team up with the equally legendary Beverley Knight. Listening to the soul powerhouses join forces, it’s hard to think of a better match and you’ll come away hoping there is more to come from this collaboration. If you’re a fan of Roachford then “Twice In A Lifetime” will be everything you want from the man. If you’re a fan of British soul, “Twice In A Lifetime” is an essential collection of polished, straight-from-the-heart soul which you will fall in love with from the opening lines.

TWICE IN A LIFETIME was released 11 September 2020 on BMG and is available HERE