Ugly Is Beautiful – Album Review

It’s taken a little while due to the COVID-19 chaos and various other reasons but, finally, Oliver Tree has been able to unleash his music on the world. Having fustratingly seen the release date put back time and time again, it’s time to show the world what Oliver Tree is really about so the big question is, has “Ugly Is Beautiful” been worth the wait?

Of course, that really depends on whether you’re open-minded enough to take the time to fully-appreciate Oliver Tree or whether you’re just going to brush him off as a bit of an oddball. You see, while it’s fair to say that the man isn’t to everyone’s taste, “Ugly Is Beautiful” could quite easily be seen as the work of an utter genius by some. Consisting of a mix of old and new material, “Ugly Is Beautiful” is impossible to pigeonhole but, if you’re a devotee of his madcap world, you’ll love each and every twist. One minute it’s alternative-pop, the next Tree has morphed into a rapper then, before you know it, he’s arriving as the DJ to this insane party. Whatever trick Tree turns his hand to, he makes sure that he pulls out a surprising twist or two to keep the listener on their toes.

Underneath it all though, Tree also has a message, be it the social commentary throughout “Cash Machine” or the treatment he’s received in “Jokes On You”, Tree shows he isn’t the internet joke or the oddball that people think he is. Does he want the world to love him? Does he care? Listening to the heartbreak of “Jokes On You” makes you think he does care. However, as is the case throughout the brilliantly mixed-up album, in an instance you’re flipped on your head. As the album winds up with “I’m Gone”, along with the warning that this is going to be his only album, things are no clearer as you’re left wondering if this is actually going to be his swansong.

Whatever the future holds in store for Tree, wherever his journey takes him, following along behind him will be a part-confused, part-fiercely loyal fanbase. Don’t bother trying to second guess what will be next because, truth be told, Tree himself probably doesn’t even know. Either way, enjoy the ride for now because when this is all over, only then will the world realise how much they really needed Oliver Tree.

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