Interview by Graham Finney.

You’ll have seen Kerry Godliman on Mock The Week, Derek, Taskmaster and many more comedy TV shows and with more dates coming up on her Stick Or Twist show, we grabbed a few minutes for ten questions ahead of Kerry recording her latest appearance on Mock The Week.

1. Hi Kerry, thanks for your time. Going back to the beginning how did you becoming interested in comedy/acting?
“Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I’m currently multi-tasking preparing for a gig tonight and writing more Brexit material for Mock The Week. I hate writing about Brexit because it’s been done to death now and there is nothing new to write about it. You’re basically just looking for a different angle for the same things.”

“I’ve always liked comedy right from being a kid but, back then, I had no idea how to get into stand-up comedy so, instead, I went to Drama School as that seemed like a legit career path. I loved people like Victoria Wood and Billy Connelly and saw both of them live when I was a kid. I like Victoria Wood because she mixed both stand-up with written comedy which is something I’ve always really enjoyed doing.”

2. How would you describe your comedy?
“Observational. I know that’s a really boring answer but it’s just that (laughs). Kind of like lads chatting about stuff.”

3. You’ve got your Stick Or Twist show going on at the moment. What can fans expect from it?
“Well, it’s about flirting with the idea of moving out of London and into the countryside. I was in Bad Move a while ago which was pretty move about the same thing. I still live in London, I always have. I’m not sure I could move. Why? Well, I live near work, my friends, my children are at school here and settled, it’s the familiarity of it all I guess. Maybe when I’m older and I’ve got nothing to live for I could move to the countryside (laughs).”

4. From your time as a stand-up, what’s been the most memorable heckle?
“You know, comedians get asked this all the time but I really don’t have any war stories I can tell. I guess I’ve been quite lucky and, to be honest, anybody that does heckle either does it because they want to be part of the show or they’re just people who wish they were comics.”

5. If you could work with any comedian or actor/actress who would it be and why?
“Obviously I can’t now but I’d love to have spent time with Victoria Wood and, well, before all the horrible stuff, Woody Allen. I’m really lucky as well that I’ve worked with and work with some amazing people like Ricky Gervais, Chris Guest and so many others that I get to spend my time with so many wonderful people as part of my job.”

6. Like you said, you’ve worked with some amazing people throughout your career, who has offered you the best advice?
“Well, generally, I think comedians are supportive, nice people. Mickey Flanagan was particularly supportive during my early days doing stand-up and I supported him on his tour. He was great. He gave me support, advice, he came to see my warm-up shows and gave me advice on what I should do. Ricky Gervais has also been wonderful. I do have one story which I tell all the time and I’m loathed to tell it again but I will. I was performing at Edinburgh Comedy Festival in a really crap play and I didn’t want to be in a really crap play. I went along to see Ed Byrne and, afterwards was really hassling him about stuff and being really militant about why there should be more female comedians and he turned to me after I’d bored him for ages and said “why don’t you have a go then?”. He was right as well.”

7. On that subject have you noticed a change in people’s attitude towards female comics?
“Yes, and I think they’re getting better all the time. It’s still not there but there are definitely more popular female comedians like I can do Mock The Week and there be another female comic on there. The change in attitude is slow and I’m looking forward to the day when we outnumber the men on shows.”

8. What makes you laugh?
“What makes me laugh? Oh, wow? Err, loads of things. People falling over, giving animals silly voices, toddlers doing robot dances that always has me in stitches. As for comedians well there are so many. I did Taskmaster recently and have never laughed as much in my life. Greg Davies was on it and he was hysterical, James Acester, Jen Brister who I’ve been friends with for ages. I get to work with all these amazing people who really make me laugh.”

9. Do you have any phobias?
“Well, I don’t really have phobias of normal stuff like spiders or claustrophobia or stuff like that. I have phobias about things like Brexit and climate change and right-wing politics.”

10. Thanks for your time Kerry. Just looking back to finish off, how would you sum up 2018 for you personally and work-wise?
“Work wise I think definitely Bad Move and also Taskmaster were both great and going on tour, there have been so many great things. Personally it’s been a weird time with everything that is going on in the world. It feels like a weird time and it doesn’t feel like anything is going to change any time soon.”

You can still catch Kerry at the following theatres


Fri 28 Richmond, Georgian Theatre Royal

Sat 29 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northern Stage

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