Formerly of pop favourites The Wanted, Max George is back with a new solo single, Better On Me, where he teams up with Jason Derulo, and we spoke to Max recently about the single and life in general

1. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Max. You’ve got a new single coming out “Better On Me”, what can you tell us about it?
“It’s a song I worked on with Jason Derulo about three and a half years ago. We actually did it as a duet to begin with but then we found it was more suited to me and it’s just taken ages because of various things but, we’re there finally, and it’s out next week. It’s a little bit cheeky as well, you know, when you look at someone and you think “you look better on me”.”

2. How does it feel to have new music out and what’s the reaction been like?
“Yeah, it’s really exciting especially with this song because I’ve had it for so long and I’ve wanted to put it out for ages. I put my first song out last Summer, Barcelona, and this one, so far, people seem to be more excited about this one. I’m buzzin’ to be honest, I just want to do it now.”

3. How did your friendship with Jason Derulo come about and do you have any more plans to work together?
“We have the same lawyer in America and I got a phone call from him saying he’d just spoken to Jason who was looking at signing some solo artists. We met and we hit it off straight away and, well, that was it really. We still talk now and again so hopefully we’ll be able to do something together again.”

4. What about future music then? Any new collaborations in the pipeline and is there anyone on your bucket list?
“Ooh! Well, I think the next single after this one is with Steve Mac and I always love working with him. As for people I’d like to work with I’d really like to get back in with Jason I think and Ed Sheeran wouldn’t be a bad one!”

5. You shot to fame with The Wanted. How different do you find life as a solo artist?
“You get to make your own decisions and they can be made quicker whereas when you’re in a band and need to decide on something it can be pretty difficult. The downside is that you don’t have the lads with you all the time to have a laugh with. It’s lonely I guess at times but it’s a lot more chilled out as well but that’s probably because I’ve got a little bit older and I’m not as manic anymore.”

6. You’ve also done a bit of acting which we’ve read is something you want to explore a bit more?
“I signed with CAA and when The Wanted split up I went off into doing a bit of acting. Then Jason came along and that all changed again. What we’re doing is they’re going to come to me with roles and, if I see something I like then I’ll go for it. It’s not something I’m working on every day but if the right role comes along then we’ll do it.”

7. If you could play any character then in a TV show who do you think your personality would most suit?
“Oh, wow. I’m going to say Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.”

8. There has been a lot in the press about your personal life recently. How do you deal with that kind of intrusion?
“Honestly? It doesn’t really bother me. It’s happened before and what I learned from the last few times is that if you let it get to you or spend your time focussing on it, it can affect you and what’s going on. For me, it’s going to happen, just let it happen.”

9. You’ve described the single as the perfect Summer song, what’s your favourite thing about Summer?
“I think everyone is in a better mood – including myself. When the sun is out and you’re out at the pub or in your garden or the park or even at a football game, the atmosphere is different. It’s a nicer atmosphere. Everyone is more positive which I think is my favourite thing.”

10. Finally then, what are your plans for the rest of 2019?
“So, I’ve got Better On Me coming out then a follow-up single. After that it’s Autumn and there will be another single we’re looking at in probably October or November and possibly an acting role coming up but I can’t say what it is. I should be kept busy which is good because I get bored easily!”


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