Hailing from the wild West coast of Wales, bilingual singer-songwriter BlueBelle – born Maeve Bluebell Tonkin-Wells – has well and truly arrived with her debut EP, ‘High Priestess’, consisting of four incredible tracks that explore the persecution and power of womanhood and take inspiration from mysticism and fairy tales, gospels and the divine power of woman. The EP is available on all platforms now.

BlueBelle was raised in a hugely creative family – surrounded by five sisters and writing songs in the playground from the age of five, this is all she has ever wanted to do. Already well established in the acting world (Ready Player One, Alexander I: Into The Woods), Maeve then met legendary Grammy Award winning producer Steve Levine, who has worked with the likes of Culture Club, The Beach Boys and The Clash, and the two collaborated to make the stunning ‘High Priestess’ EP. The pair continue to write together, with much more material in the works.

TotalNtertainment spoke to BlueBelle on the day her EP finally came out. Chatting to her about how it feels to finally have her first EP out, her favourite family memories and what the future holds in store for her. Watch the video interview here:

A meeting of genres: electronica, folk, rock, and dark pop poetry while taking influence from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Blondie, Garbage and Goldfrapp, with performative elements of Björk, BlueBelle’s debut EP with its powerful vocals and incredible message is just the start of her journey.

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