Anna Mann is the much beloved and beautifully absurd creation of one of the greatest British comedians, Colin Hoult.

Award-winning character comedian, actor and writer Colin Hoult brings his eccentric, witty, and wonderful alter-ego back into the theatres! Colin Hoult’s Anna Mann; actress, singer, welder (gotta have a backup) and siren of the stage and screen will be taking her brand-new show, The Death of Anna Mann, on tour around the UK from August 2022.

After five incredibly long years, Anna Mann returns to enchant us with the tales, tribulations, and epic saga of her fabulous life in the arts, as she faces… her final moments. As the title suggests, this will quite literally be Colin’s final Anna Mann show as he puts this character to rest. “Don’t you dare cry!” – Anna Mann.

Ahead of Anna’s appearance in Aberdeen, we got on the phone with Colin/Anna to find out why now was the right time for Colin to lay Anna to rest, what his plans are post Anna and, more importantly, how the audience are reacting to the death of this much-loved character.

There are still a few dates left and you can find tickets here.

Listen to the full interview with Colin here:

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