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Joey Maxwell chats to TotalNtertainment

Bedroom pop star Joey Maxwell spoke to us recently about his love of music, his future plans and recording in best friend’s garden shed.

Described as a DIY visionary, London bedroom pop star Joey Maxwell is about to take the pop scene by storm.

As a multifaceted creative, music has always been at the centre of Joey Maxwell’s artistry. The rising South-London pop sensation knew from an early age that he wanted to write and record his own songs, so he’d soak up what he heard at his local club and studio hub Brixton Jamm, harnessing the sonic diversity around him, – from northern soul melodies, hip-hop beats and indie guitar licks, right through to gliding synths-, as a means for creating his own sound.

His debut mixtape under Polydor ‘trying not to deep it’ showcased his unique brand of bedroom pop and saw him combining The Streets’ tales of everyday life in modern Britain with sounds that lent towards 90’s indie, R&B, jungle, garage and more. It’s Maxwell’s proficiency for melding sounds that’s afforded the rising songwriter early support from reputable music publications, with CLASH calling the EP’s lead single ‘streetlights’ a “precocious slice of off-piste pop that refuses to play by the rules”, and DORK saying that his ““catchy take on pop sees him turn out smooth bops in a similar vein to Easy Life”, as well as Notion lauding him as “Pop’s new straight talker”.

Recently, we spoke to Joey about his love of music, what the pop scene can expect from him and how he ended up recording in his best friend’s garden shed. You can find out more of what Joey is up to here.

Watch the video interview below.