Award-winning star and Royal Family favourite La Voix is on tour with her brand new performance extravaganza, titled, ‘The UK’s Funniest Red Head.’ La Voix’s shows have become a phenomenon in many towns and cities around the world and 2021 sees La Voix’s most glamorous show yet taking the UK by storm!

The day after La Voix’s show at City Varieties in Leeds, TotalNtertainment spoke to the UK’s funniest redhead.

When asked about the show La Voix revealed, “It’s a mixture of stand up comedy, some amazing costumes, and music from everyone from Turner to Celine Dion, to Judy Garland to Whitney Houston to oh my gosh, you name it. Everyone is in there you will be singing and dancing and laughing with tears down your face all night long. It’s just bringing back good variety entertainment.”

When asked about returning to the stage, La Voix admitted “you feel like you’ve never done it before it. It’s really quite scary but it certainly feels like your first gig all over again. Which is lovely, because it makes it feel very fresh again.”

Back out on the road again, La Voix laughs as she explains why she loves touring the UK. “Every show is arranged around what’s happening in that town, who is in that room, where I am, that a typical local regional information and I love that. I love picking up the local newspaper and finding out the uproar because they’ve changed someone’s had a fight with a neighbour over a privet hedge. It’s just brilliant and it can only be said in that at that moment in that theatre and that’s what I love to do.”

You can find tickets for the tour here.

Check out the full interview here where La Voix chats about inspirations, Divas and much more:

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