Lockdown Laughs Eddy Brimson. We chat to Eddy Brimson about the fun side of being in Lockdown.

After an “interesting past”, Eddy Brimson moved into writing and stand-up comedy. He has a number of books to his name, has released best-selling videos and has made numerous appearances on TV shows like Casualty, Eastenders and Absolutely Fabulous.

1. If you had to choose between having no internet or no toilet roll for the duration, what would you choose to go without and how would you make up for not having it?
I love a decent curry and so it would have to be no internet. That said, I’d not be able to order one in and so… Why are you asking such difficult questions? Life is tough enough at the moment. Have you seen the news?

2. One man has been sneaking around his estate dressed as shrubbery, if you did that, which type of shrub or plant would be dressed as ?
I’d be a bonsai tree. Not bothered what make. I wouldn’t hide behind it either, I’d just carry it. Anyone watching would think I was massive and leave me alone.

3. Who is the celebrity you’d want to be locked up with and why ?
Morrissey. That way I’d know there was at least one person in the house more miserable than me.

4. Which of your comedian friends do you think would be the most entertaining to be locked up with and what would they do to entertain you ?
That’s a tough one. Can I choose the Queen instead? She looks like a right laugh.

5. If you could only eat one food throughout the lockdown what would your choice of food be?
Curry… See above… I looooooove curry… Curry, curry, curry.

6. You just celebrated your birthday – what was that like and what did you do to celebrate ?
I had a very nice day thank you very much. And I spent it seeing how many birthday wishes I’d get on Facebook. I got one less than last year in total… When I find out who it was I’m going to kill them.

7. What would you say is the best thing about being locked in a house for weeks on end with Eddy Brimson?
I’m house-trained and always put the seat down. I also make a great bed and hoover. And I like washing up. I will also watch whatever you want as long at it is not Friends… I despise that show and every single one of the characters in it.

8. If you could spend your lockdown with one TV family who would you choose and why ?
The Trotters. You’ve no idea how close they are to my real family. My Dad was even called Del… And I had a Grandad. Uncanny.

9. You’ve decided to hold a “virtual pub lock-in” during lockdown, which five people would you want to invite?
Dave, Jeff, Darren, Keith and Bob.

10. Finally, what is the first thing you’re going to do when the lockdown is relaxed ?
Get a pizza and have a nice night in.

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