“It wasn’t great but I got creative and did things and learned a few things,” explains magician John Archer from his office as we chat about the last eighteen months in lockdown.

The magician, a former semi-finalist on ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent and support act for Tim Vine on seven UK tours, is now back out on the road with his own one-man show, Against The Odds. “I polished up my ukelele,” reveals John, “I’m going on tour with Tim Vine as well as my own tour this year.”

“That’s a musical thing,” explains the magician adding “I play a character called Big Buddy Holly who plays the ukelele and sings rock n’ roll songs.”

Although keeping busy throughout lockdown, one route the magician hasn’t gone down is that of livestream shows. When asked why, John explains “I think because of the type performer I am and I didn’t really want to put a weaker version of me and what I am.”

John goes on to add that “me sat here in my office making things vanish didn’t really feel like showbiz to me.”

When asked about how his live show will adapt to the current circumstances, John explains “I’ve got a couple of tricks where there is just too much contact going on but I’ve got tricks where there are a people close by examining things but anything they handle they can sanitize their hands afterwards.”

John goes on to explain that “there are a couple of routines where it felt like there was too much contact. Not that I’m worried but you’re very aware that you have to make your audience at ease now.”

Check out the full interview with John here to find out what else he has been getting up to during lockdown, what his plans are for the future and how he got on in our magic quiz.


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