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Natalie Gray Chats to TotalNtertainment

TotalNtertainment recently chatted to UK singer-songwriter Natalie Gray about her music, her message and her musical inspirations.

UK singer-songwriter Natalie Gray has unveiled her latest single ‘Dance Floor’.

Inspired by songs Natalie grew up with, including Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’, Prince’s ‘Cream’ and Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know’, ‘DANCE FLOOR’ harnesses an infectious throwback sound full of pop hooks and a sing-along chorus. Written by Natalie, Luke Burnet-Smith and Jack Craig, this song, as with Daft Punk a few years ago, will have you instantly wishing for a dance floor as the nostalgia descends.

“‘Dance Floor’ is all about inclusivity, being proud to be who you are and not caring what anyone thinks of you,” Natalie explains, “I grew up with Madonna’s ‘The Immaculate Collection’ on repeat and wanted to capture the sense of fun and nostalgia that album gives me in this new track.”

‘DANCE FLOOR’, is all about inclusivity. No matter who you are, music brings us all together, and on the dance floor, we are all one. Natalie is a strong advocate for equal rights, especially for the LGBTQ+ community and has performed numerous times at Pride events across the UK as well as marching as an ally every chance she gets.

Following the release of the single, TotalNtertainment chatted to Natalie about the single, the inspiration behind her powerful lyrics and the messages in her songs and about what she hopes people take away from her work. Watch the video interview here: