It’s over forty years since Jay Aston joined the pop group Bucks Fizz as a nineteen-year-old hopeful. The band went on to enjoy three UK number one hits and over fifteen top twenty singles selling over forty million albums worldwide after winning The Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 for the UK.

As a member of Bucks Fizz, Jay Aston was involved in one of the most iconic moments in Eurovision / British pop history. Sadly, their superstar story was cut short after a horrific bus crash while travelling from a show on their sold-out UK tour.

The crash only highlighted the personality clashes within the band which lead to Aston being caught up in years of litigation seeing little future with the band then preventing her signing any solo contract.

Her early material was written shortly after her departure from Bucks Fizz mid 80’s and extends through until 2017. Now, Jay releases her catalogue of solo releases with two albums available on all digital platforms now.

Jay went on to sign solo publishing deals and setting up a children’s theatre arts school after marrying guitarist and co-writer David Colquhoun.

After a TV show in 2008 brought her back working with fellow band mates Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan she went back to a form of the band now called The Fizz and has been performing with them since and releasing four new albums with producer Mike Stock. It’s a happy camp these days despite the band being prevented from using their original name.

Her battle with tongue cancer in 2018 has changed her outlook on her life and career and she feels it’s time to share her journey. “These songs are all part of me, they are part of a difficult journey as the music industry is not for the faint hearted but I never lost my love of music and it’s ability to communicate. This project started in my twenties, I’m so blessed to still be able to sing and perform today.”

“Our amazing fan base has kept us all together in one form or another, music is the thread and I still love my job performing is my happy place.”

TotalNtertainment recently spoke to Jay about her solo career, the rollercoaster career she has had and, of course, that night at Eurovision when the group inked their place in the history books of pop music. Check out the interview with Jay here.

The Fizz will be performing at London’s Indigo 02 on 28th June. For more information and tickets visit The Fizz Official Website.

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