Every once in a while, an astonishing person with amazing talent amazes millions of people. Benson Boone is the perfect example, as the young artist discovered that he could sing only a single year before being featured on the American Idol Season 19. It’s an amazing story that shows that you can achieve anything you like, as long as you try.

Benson already gained some traction before his American Idol appearance. He grew his follower base on TikTok with his unique voice. As we get into more details about his singing career, online gambling Ireland fans are eager to learn more about the star. 

Like many young individuals, Benson Boone is another person who seeks excitement in his spare time. While he’s passionate about singing, he also likes to unwind and take his mind off things. 

Games including Irish slots and various table games such as poker, baccarat, and roulette are a great way to have fun and relax. However, Benson is an artist who puts his singing career first. Let’s take a look at how it all started, where he is now, and what’s coming in the future.

Benson Boone was a Singer on American Idol Season 19

Right from the start, it turned out that Benson Boone is an amazing singer, and he deserved to be on the show. During his first appearance on the show, it was clear that he was a little bit nervous. At the same time, though, he was confident in his voice thanks to the TikTok followership he has amassed quickly. Even one of the judges mentions his TikTok fame before he starts singing.

The amazing fact about the singer is that he never had any training. As he puts it, he tried singing for the first time one year prior to appearing on the show. The judges were really stunned. They usually expect talented individuals who went through some sort of singing education. While they were skeptical at first, especially with his attitude, they were in quite a shock when he started singing. His dream voice is extremely unique, and you can see what his first performance looked like on YouTube.

From the moment he opened his mouth, all the judges knew how talented and passionate about the music he is. Some were even brave enough to immediately say that they see the victor of the American Idol in him. 

His Performance Turned Out to be Incredible

After sitting down behind the piano, singing, and finishing his performance, all the judges stood up immediately and gave him three yeses. He was so happy that he ran through the studio and performed a front flip. That caused the judges to say that he was going straight to Hollywood. All three of them saw the entertainer potential that he carried with him, making him the perfect candidate for the American Idol.

Unfortunately, even though everything started amazingly, there were some unforeseen developments later on. Keep reading to learn more.

Dropping Out of The American Idol Competition

The biggest shock for the audience, other competitors, and the show organizers were Boone’s decision to leave the competition. Everyone was in shock as the young artist decided to make a move that nobody expected. At the time, many even thought that it was a mistake that would negatively affect his singing career.

The artist was very frank in the whole process. He repeatedly mentioned that he felt blessed for participating in the American Idol. However, he claimed that it’s not how he wanted the world to perceive him. It would not be an honest presentation of him as a person and a singer.

It was a brave move, given how far he’d come in the show. He was in the top 24 contenders. After he left, much of the competition was no match for Chayce Beckham, who finished as the show’s winner. But how did things turn out for Benson Boone after he left the competition?

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Developments After the American Idol

The singer’s fans didn’t know what to expect after he left American Idol. But he had plenty in store for his followers. First, he went under the wing of Dan Reynolds, who signed him and started working with him on his singing career. His breakout song is Ghost Town, which has amazed the singer’s fans. More importantly, it’s amazing to see that he’s a songwriter as well. Not many artists write their own songs too. That’s what makes Boone such a unique artist. The song skyrocketed him to fame as it garnered over 40 million streams.

That single is not the only one. Two more followed in 2022 when the artist also announced his first EP titled ‘Walk Me Home…’ From today’s perspective, it looks like the artist made the right decision. It looks like he gained enough exposure during his appearance on the show. With the support from some big names in the industry, he was ready to move forward on his own, telling a story the way he wanted to. You can learn more about it in our exclusive interview with the artist.

What’s in Store for Benson Boone’s Future

By the looks of it now, Benson Boone’s future is a bright one. He is currently on tour, meaning that there’s a big enough fan base to attend his shows. Despite being famous online, not many artists can actually go on a tour. When you take a look at his TikTok page,  where he primarily became famous, we see a huge surge in followers numbers. At the time of writing, the young artist counts 3.2 million followers. Each of his songs was a smashing hit, and the trend will likely continue.

While his career would have evolved faster through American Idol, this way, he has more control over his direction. We’ll have to remain patient to see where Benson’s career is going. With his talents, it seems that only the sky’s the limit for this amazing artist.


One thing’s certain, Benson is an amazing singer and songwriter. The artist is probably aware of how to find a good online casino,  however,  his singing career will always remain his top priority. Exciting times are ahead for the young artist, and we eagerly await what the future holds. It turns out that his brave move to leave the show brought him more opportunities.

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