Poker is shrouded in mystery. It’s a game of chance at a live casino Ireland, a sports discipline, and a real psychological confrontation. A successful poker game requires luck, talent, a competent strategy, the ability to bluff, and read your opponent’s mind. Poker is played by millions of gamblers around the world, and filmmakers release movies from crime dramas to comedies related to this topic. Here are the best poker movies to watch.


Professional poker player Brad Maverick wants to take part in a poker tournament, but he doesn’t have enough money to pay the $25,000 buy-in. Maverick will do anything to raise the money. In the same tournament a stunning con artist Annabel wants to participate, who also, like Maverick, needs money to join the event.

This movie was nominated for an Oscar for Best Costume Design, starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster.

Poker AM

Poker movies aren’t necessarily filmed in America, and this charming Armenian comedy is great proof of that. The film’s protagonist named Hovik is about to propose to his much-loved girlfriend, but, of course, everything goes wrong, and in the end Hovik has to take part in a tense poker tournament.

The movie is worth watching for live casino Ireland visitors who love light movies are tired of Hollywood and want something new.

Wielki Szu

This movie was made in Poland. This country has never been famous for its poker masters, but they have always been able to make movies. In this movie, all the crime is connected with a not young cheat nicknamed Great Szu, who had just got out of prison and was just about to start the quiet life of an ordinary citizen. But the passion for gambling doesn’t go away so easily.

In search of a quiet place, the protagonist is invited by a cab driver to an underground casino. Experienced master cannot seem to make a mistake, but still something does not go as he planned.

This movie is interesting with its slope in psychology, as we can, together with the participants of the movie, evaluate the actions of the Great Szu, understand him and condemn or forgive him.

The Cincinnati Kid

This is a dramatic movie about the times of the Great Depression. The Cincinnati Kid, a talented poker player, challenges Leslie Howard, who knows how to beat even the man who holds the best cards.

This is a tense and atmospheric film that will appeal to fans of old movies and those who are really interested in poker, but action fans may find it dragging.


The story of one of the most extraordinary and talented players in the history of card games, Stu Anger, played by the brilliant actor Michael Imperioli. The focus is on the fate of the famous poker player, his ties to the Mafia, his drug problems and his literally intimate relationship with cards, numbers and chips. His story is both inspiring to play and cautionary about the horrors in the life of a genius who has won every major WSOP tournament he has ever participated in. From a young brash kid to a half-dead, drug-addicted man. So if you want to become a poker star at a live casino Ireland, you better watch this movie in order not to repeat the mistakes of quite a real man.


This crime drama is based on the story about Mike, a professional card player, who loses a big sum of money to Teddy, a criminal authority, after that, having hardly paid him back, decides to give up poker. Mike’s friend Lester, a skilled cheat, who gets into trouble, forces him to break his promise. And you’ll definitely enjoy watching how its happening.

This poker movie is loved by live casino Ireland customers, as it stars Matt Damon and Edward Norton.


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