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Christian Piano Music For Your Heart, Soul and Mind

Pianists are often relegated to the role of accompanist rather than leader

Christian piano music has long been a part of traditional worship services, and contemporary Christian musicians often turn to the instrument to add depth or seriousness to their compositions. Pianists are often relegated to the role of accompanist rather than leader in both contexts. It’s possible, however, to find popular songs and reimagined classics arranged as piano solos for anyone, from beginner to virtuoso, to play and sing praises to the Lord.

Contemporary Christian Piano Music That Rocks

Maybe you’re something of a rebel. You have professed your faith in Christ but still prefer your music to be a little louder and edgier. On the other hand, perhaps you’re a Christian who’s into alternative rock laced with melancholy and distinctive vocals. There’s Christian piano music for you, too, if you know how to look.

The Elms

With their heavy, blues-based rock sound, The Elms is perfect for fans of Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones and the White Stripes, particularly the driving bass beats of “Hey, Hey.” Your left hand will carry the rhythm here, just like the bassist in a real rock band.


If you love Coldplay’s melancholic style, then check out their fellow UK musicians, Delirious, for emotionally expressive Christian piano music. Although amphitheater-worthy, their song “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” works beautifully as a solo piano piece. Speaking of Coldplay, check out Ten Shekel Shirt, Tree63 or Telecast while you’re at it.

David Crowder Band

For fans of singer-songwriters with a more natural sound, like Dave Matthews Band or early Maroon 5, Crowder is your best bet. David Crowder plays the song “Come as You Are” on piano, and it’s easy to find an arrangement that matches your skill level.

Gospel Music for the Piano

Gospel music has the remarkable capacity to juxtapose the ancient story of Jesus against the darker era of American slavery and then demonstrate the power of God’s love to redeem the whole narrative for his glory. Musicians who play gospel music on the piano are connecting with a musical community rooted in both the traditional rhythms of American spirituals and the technically complex sounds of jazz.

Playing gospel-style Christian piano music requires technical skill with chord progressions, most notably the 2-5-1 from jazz. From there, pianists need the confidence to fill in the space between chords with frills and riffs, chromatic octaves and grace note slides.

The most effective and efficient method for learning gospel music on the piano is to learn from the works of the masters. Gospel piano sheet music is an excellent way to gain a solid grasp of the fundamentals. You can add and adapt from there to suit your praise and playing style. Get started with these iconic and probably familiar works:

  • “Amazing Grace.”
  • “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”
  • “I’ll Fly Away.”
  • “Go Down Moses (Let My People Go)”
  • “When the Saints Go Marching In”

Whether leading the music ministry on Sundays or singing praise songs at home, playing Christian piano music offers you a way to worship the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind.