The Goonies, a film that hit the scene way back in 1985, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic movies of all time. It’s one of those flicks that everyone will have seen once or twice. And this will apply to people of all ages. The Goonies was that much of a hit, there has always been talk of a comeback of sorts, and now fans could be about to see their wish come true.

One of the reasons why The Goonies and the idea of it making a return has stayed alive for over thirty years is that its popularity has seen it impact multiple areas. For example, it has even made it to online casinos, where The Goonies slot is loved by players. There have also been video games and a reunion of sorts that happened on YouTube in 2020.

All of the above has helped keep the dream alive, as they say, and this started with the Untitled Film Re-Enactment Projects becoming a thing in the form of a pilot written by Sarah Watson and delivered to Fox. But they passed on it. However, Watson had the bit between her teeth, and her determination paid off when Disney+ decided to give the project the thumbs up under the new title of Our Time.

Now, you may be wondering what Watson and Disney have in store for viewers. Well, it’s time to get excited. The drama series will see a teacher helping out some of her pupils in their efforts to recreate The Goonies in its authentic 1985 style. If you didn’t know, but we’re sure you do, The Goonies is a story about a group of kids who discover a treasure map as they try and prevent their homes from being destroyed.

So revisiting the story in a way that it will be recreated by others in all its authentic glory is some excellent out of the box thinking, and it’s no wonder that Disney+ were so keen to get involved in the project. Watson’s efforts to see the project through from start to finish were also pivotal, with Clancy Collins White of Warner Bros. Television insisting, “Sarah worked nonstop to deliver this incredible script.”

The late Richard Donner is the man who produced the original movie, and it will be his production firm, The Donner Company, that will work in tandem with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners to deliver Our Time to the masses for Disney. Lauren Shuler Donner, wife of the late Richard Donner, will take on the role of producer.

And, speaking of Richard Donner, you could say this project has been a long time in the making after Chris Columbus, who wrote The Goonies (1985), suggested Donner has reached out to him previously about coming up with an idea for The Goonies 2. But, unfortunately, Columbus said the meeting between the pair to talk things over never happened, something he regrets.

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