Expensive Cars & Caviar: What Are the Celebrities’ Hobbies?

Priceless vacations, ostentatious casinos and, of course, expensive cars!

Some of the world-famous celebrities certainly have some things in common: their love of extravagant hobbies. Priceless vacations, ostentatious casinos and, of course, expensive cars!

In addition, celebrities like casino games like common people, except that they probably mainly visit the wonderful casinos of the world, while other folks mainly enjoy playing at non GamStop casinos at gamblingpro, which offer a very wide range of benefits and advantages. 

But when it comes to hobbies, celebrities naturally go to extremes, just think of the story of the world boxing champion. He had an absolute love for exotic animals and thus kept three Bengal tigers at home.

Expensive Cars

Anyone who lives in Hollywood knows that expensive cars are just part of the right tone there. The $1.7 million Bugatti Veyron owned by “Mission Impossible” star Tom Cruise is probably one of the most expensive luxury cars around and brings him a lot of prestige in his area.

Another celebrity who also feels very comfortable in a luxury car is golfer Tiger Woods. The American drives a Porsche Carrera GT worth $440,000. But in the garages of Hollywood there are of course also other opulence cars from well-known brands such as Maybach and Koenigsegg. Also, the singer Céline Dion owns a Maybach that costs about $500,000.

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For the Stars, Gaming Is More Than Pure Passion

People from all walks of life all ages and all genders love to spend their time at non GamStop casinos. Many celebrities also want to try their luck in the colourful casino world. Especially in the big casinos of this world in Las Vegas and Macao, but also in Monte Carlos, you regularly come across the greats from film and television who play concentrated at the casino table.

While for some celebrities gambling in the casino is mainly a fun pastime, for others it is really a personal passion. Celebrities love the adrenaline and thrills that come with gambling as much as anyone else.

Ben Affleck is probably one of the most famous casino goers who doesn’t care about his passion. As often as he can, the actor practices his great passion in the famous casinos of Las Vegas. But he’s already been kicked out for counting cards.

Leonardo DiCaprio Likes to Have Fun at the Gaming Table

Another celebrity gambler is DiCaprio, as he also likes to spend long hours in America’s world-famous gambling halls, especially in Las Vegas, where the Oscar winner can often be found. The famous actor has already won several million dollars from high-stakes poker games!

Kate Moss Prefers the Devil’s Wheel!

It is said that Kate Moss has a great passion for roulette and likes to play in London casinos. Football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are also reportedly avid casino fans. It is often said that they have been seen in Monte Carlo or Barcelona.

Nicole Kidman: Skydiving

You wouldn’t say Nicole Kidman is an action hero based on her resume, but she certainly is a brave woman. Nicole has her skydiving license and she loves to feel that adrenaline rushes through her veins every now and then. The Undoing actress doesn’t think bungee jumping is elegant, but she likes jumping out of a plane because it’s the closest thing to flying.

Nicholas Cage: Skulls

What is Nicholas Cage up to in his spare time? Skulls. He takes this hobby very seriously: he was willing to pay $150 million for a dinosaur skull! However, he had to return it for legal reasons.

Mike Tyson: Pigeons 

Tyson has a large tattoo on his face, is known as the ‘baddest man on the planet’ and bit off a piece of an opponent’s ear. Mike Tyson is a beast. A beast that loves bugs! He was bullied as a child and then developed a love for pigeons. When a bully killed one of his pigeons, Mike rammed into him. It was the first, but certainly not the last time he fought! Now he still breeds pigeons and participates in pigeon races.