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Famous Musicians & Their Interesting Hobbies

Below are a few famous musicians that have turned their old hobby or interests into a second career

Many famous people have found hobbies or a career that was a passion that has paid off over time. Whether it was painting, writing, performing in the arts, or playing table games at top casinos from KiwiGambling ratings, there are many famous people who found a new career or a new passion through pursuing an old hobby. Below are a few famous musicians that have turned their old hobby or interests into a second career or full-time occupation.

1. Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was one of the most well-known performers and celebrities of the 20th century. Frank Sinatra became famous in the 1940s when he appeared on a TV show for NBC. He began to perform the “American Standard” with other singers. Other artists recorded the song, and soon Frank Sinatra became known as a successful singer and actor. Later in the 1950s, he starred in his own TV show and recorded another series of albums. He had a long and very successful career.

The famous performer was interested in art and found his way into the world of illustration. He spent a great deal of time painting and even received a Master’s degree in art from the New York Academy of Art. Frank is an expert at illustrating. He illustrated many books and even had an art collection of paintings and drawings that the Metropolitan Museum of Art now owns. Frank Sinatra’s love for music, art, and painting did not get in the way of his second career. He did not make any compromises with his art or his music. Apart from that, Frank Sinatra was one of gambling addicted celebrities. In 1967, his gambling debt was $500,000 at the Sands one night.

2. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was an influential singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. When he released his first album, Dylan became the most successful artist at the time. He released many other albums that were successful and won multiple Grammys, Grammy Legend Awards, and a Tony Award. He even appeared in a couple of movies. Later in his career, he turned his energy toward his artistic pursuits. He began painting and writing poetry.

He also wrote songs for others and even composed music. He spent many years working and writing at home and never really retired. His passion has kept him going all these years.

3. Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney is the former lead singer of the group The Beatles. He was born in Scotland and was the youngest of three siblings. His father, James, owned a shoe company called McCartney and Johnson. His parents wanted him to have a nice job in the family business and pushed him to become a doctor or a lawyer. They were disappointed that he would not work in the family business because of other interests.

Paul was the most musical child. He learned to play guitar at the age of three. In 1962, The Beatles were formed, and two years later, they were famous last. Paul left the band in 1969. It was when he and John Lennon began working on music together. They formed the Beatles again and started a career that is still going strong today.

Apart from making music, Paul has a passion for art. He has done a lot of painting over the years. He also painted posters and canvas prints and even made a large painted sailboat for a friend. Most of his projects were non-commercial, and he also did many charity works, such as painting the side of a train for a sick friend.

4. Prince

Prince was an influential musician, songwriter, and artist. You will be very surprised to know that Prince did not get into the music field until he was thirteen. And he soon found himself playing instruments at local nightclubs and other places.

When he was fifteen, he formed The Minneapolis sound and soon released a successful record, which was a sign that he was successful. At that point, Prince began to perform in the music world. He released a record in 1980; by 1983, he was performing and entertaining fans.

It was then that Prince became successful. He released many songs, was an active performer, and even received a Grammy Award for his most popular song. By the 1990s, Prince had become a singer and a songwriter. He even wrote an autobiography and released it in 1999. It has sold over seven million copies.

Prince is one of the most successful recording artists of all time. In 2006, Prince released his twelfth album, and there are still more on the way. He was an important musician, songwriter, and artist. However, music is not the only passion of a musician. Prince was also passionate about playing online games, which help him relax and recharge. If you want to follow the example of a famous musician, then OnlineCasinoGo will help you find the most decent and professional gambling site to your liking.

5. Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was an American country singer, songwriter, and musician. Johnny was born into a very poor family and often had to help his family make ends meet. When he was eight years old, he was sent to live with his grandmother because his mother could not take care of him. He continued to help his family with the chores until he was fourteen. Then he decided to get a job and worked for $12 a week.

He worked at his first job until he turned sixteen. By then, he had already performed at different nightclubs and bars. He sang country and western songs, and soon he was performing in honky-tonks and other places. Johnny Cash and his wife Vivian would perform on television, and he was well known as a country singer.

The famous artist released his first record in 1953, becoming an overnight success. He started making films and released many other records over the years. Johnny also wrote many songs, and he received many honours.