Along with complaining about the weather and discussing the latest football results, sharing opinions on the next celeb to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing is up there with the most talked about topics in Britain. The iconic format from BBC Studios has taken the country by storm in the years since its inception in 2004, with it now regarded as a British institution. Now, the betting industry has upped its involvement with reality programming like Strictly, raising its importance to the same levels of sport. 

How Can Viewers Bet on Strictly?

For viewers who want to elevate the excitement levels of watching Strictly, there are now betting markets that allow them to do so. Strictly Come Dancing betting has provided dedicated fans with a chance to put their money where their mouth is with their predictions. It has also allowed people who aren’t so interested in the show to up their involvement by having something riding on it. 

The betting industry around Strictly is becoming so popular that there are even Strictly Come Dancing betting tips to help people out with their selections. Some viewers enjoy feeling like a dance expert for an hour every week and can experience a sense of accomplishment when their own opinions are backed up by the comments of one of the professional judges. This can be even more rewarding when there is something at stake. 

Betting on Strictly has helped the series cement itself as one of the most important things on television, alongside popular sports. In the early days of spectatorship on these events, there was no betting industry. But this quickly grew up to add extras thrills to the games. The same thing is happening with reality television. 

What Other Reality Television Can People Stake on? 

Strictly isn’t the only reality series that has inspired the bookies to get involved. There are plenty of other shows that allow viewers to up the ante and make money-based predictions on the outcome. Dancing on Ice is another popular performance-based series that always gets a lot of attention. The ITV Studios offering is the network’s challenger to Strictly, and it is almost as popular as the BBC show. 

Aside from television, there are certain events in the entertainment industry that attract massive levels of betting activity. For example, there is speculation currently over which actor will take over from Daniel Craig as the next James Bond. Bettors can also stake on which film they think will be the highest grossing offering of 2021, and who will pick up the major awards at the Oscars. 


Strictly may not quite have the same level of importance as the World Cup or the Olympics, but it does hold a special place in the hearts of Britain. It should come as no surprise that there are betting markets on the show, as the winner is always unknown. This means that viewers can increase the thrills by staking money on it. 


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