Several games are now made from our favourite movies and TV shows. Find out why more film-based games are flooding the online gaming market.

The Rise of Movie-Themed Games

Ever since their inception, video games have provided us with constant entertainment and fun. Regardless of your interests, you certainly have some particular categories you enjoy playing more than others. Titles are commonly offered in several themes, including fantasy, action, arcade, and sports genres. 

One that is now exceedingly familiar is the television or movie-based game category. The genre is usually thrillers, action, or even comedy. Comedy-based titles date way back, for instance, there are several titles on Mr. Beans which aired in the 1990s. You can also have a look at some of the 1980s comedy movies that would make great games today. 

In this text, we have considered why games in this genre are so popular.

Cooperation between Game Developers and Movie Producers

In 1979, Star Trek: Phaser Strike, was released at the same time Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out.  This marked the year in which the movie and TV-themed game trends began. It was a shoot’em up title by Microvision, which became a major hit as it resembled Space Invaders. The application also helped further boost the publicity of the movie.

Nowadays, more movie producers and console developers partner together.  Amongst them, the most popular are those that feature superheroes. Iron man and Spider-Man are common examples. 

While Marvel originally owned the Spider-Man franchise, a deal was made in 2015 where Marvel Studios and Sony agreed to share the movie rights. Similarly, Sony holds considerable video game rights making it easy to produce games of the title on its PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. You can find out more about who owns the right to Marvel characters, to give you a better insight. 

Games Have Become More Cinematic

As games released in recent years are more cinematic, it has become easier to lend them as film adaptations. If you have played Uncharted or The Last of Us by Naughty Dog, you will realise that these modern titles are inspired by cinema productions.

The popularity of modern video games has also greatly aided this. According to Metro, the value of the market is over 51.3% in the entire entertainment industry, which places it above the music and movie categories combined.

Increased Publicity of Video Games

PCs are major platforms for TV and movie-themed games. In the early 2000s, there was a point at which most movies released were accompanied by official games online. Such productions were helpful in creating excitement for the film. The same applies today though it appears roles have reversed in terms of the purpose of these movie games.

Movie themes are instead used in increasing the popularity of video games nowadays. For instance, in India, the HBO series, Game of Thrones was a major hit. As a result, several platforms created titles around the theme. For instance, the best online casinos in India offer Game of Thrones-themed slots

Not just that, there are several other movie-themed games where players enjoy free spins and rewarding payouts. In addition, the online platform helps players to get started, as well as offers advice on how to play legally. 

Ease of Adaptation

Sometimes while playing a game, you can easily tell that it comes from a movie. It could either be the manner in which the plot goes or how action sequences are played out. While some titles give you the exact content, others pick certain elements and make necessary modifications to suit game requirements. 

What this means is the entire narrative of games could be based on already existing material or entirely restructured. Such is understandable as movies are relatively short, whereas games are longer forms of entertainment. Spider-man Miles Morales'(2020) game has an extended plot with more missions than all that was displayed in the movie, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (2018).

In addition, developers are able to create open-world games where players can freely select their preferred characters. If you are familiar with Anime, then you will enjoy titles like Jump Force, and Naruto which allow you to select from multiple characters who battle one another. With this approach, developers have a choice of building on a pre-existing foundation or forming new stories with recognized characters.

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