When you and your friends live at opposite ends of the country, the process of getting everyone together is massively complicated. It relies heavily on logistics and forward planning, but with life throwing such demanding schedules, that’s sometimes impossible! Why not plan an online games night?

Luckily, video conferencing platforms and online gaming communities have simplified the virtual gathering. Though it might be behind a webcam, being able to see and hear your friends while playing the same game might be easier than the real, in-person deal. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just planning a reunion, here’s how to plan a seamless virtual games night with friends.

Five steps to planning the perfect remote party

  • Get connected

First things first, ensuring that everyone has a fast and reliable Internet connection is essential for any remote party. There’s nothing worse than being interrupted mid-flow by strange glitching sounds – or to wait on the other side while someone else’s webcam buffers and drops out.

Games Night
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It’s always worth checking out some of the best value for money broadband providers in the UK, since you don’t want to be missing out on a better deal for the speed and quality that you need.

  • Set the scene

Next, a vibrant virtual atmosphere as just as important as one you’d expect form an in-person venue. There are plenty of ways to make at-home entertainment just as wild. Adding a virtual background to your Zoom call could be a brilliant way to stir conversation and make people laugh, especially if you’ve planned a party with a theme. 

  • Choose your games

As the party planner, it’s your responsibility to choose which games to play with the party cohort. There are plenty of themed games and special editions based on cultural phenomena, so you won’t be short of options. Just remember that if you choose something niche, you’ll need to spend time explaining the rules to your fellow players!

Games Night
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Alternatively, you might prefer to choose a classic crowd-pleaser so you can crack straight on with the game and skip the instructions. For any remote party, many sites, including tombola, now offer gameplay chatrooms too. 

  • Take a break!

It’s important to remember that your guests need to stay comfortable throughout the meetup. To avoid any unscheduled and disruptive gaps in gameplay, whether for drinks or bathroom breaks, it could be sensible to incorporate pre-planned breaks in the call.

Similarly, if you’re playing a game that involves gambling, it’s vital to make sure that you’re not feeling worried or overwhelmed. If you’re not enjoying the game anymore, it could be time to take a break.

  • Keep it light

Remember, your virtual party is meant to be an opportunity to have fun!

Even if you’re feeling competitive, try to keep in good spirit and celebrate each other’s successes. You might also prefer to allocate time during the call for a dedicated catch-up before getting stuck into some entertainment. 

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