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The Hangover, comedy film review

This is a funny movie. Sparkling and subtle humour is replaced by little obscene things.

The Hangover – review

Doug Billings has decided to marry Tracey Garner. Well, it is a useful thing, especially when you are already over thirty, and the bride is very beautiful, and besides, she has rich parents. The situation is complicated only by Tracy’s brother – Alan. He is a kind, sincere guy and loves kids very much, but Alan’s head lacks some screws and rollers, so according to the court he is forbidden to approach the kids closer than a hundred meters.

But Doug doesn’t mind. If he joins the Garner family, then he must get close to his fiancee’s brother. And as a sign of this rapprochement, Doug invites Alan along with his old friends – dentist Stu and school teacher Phil – to roll up to Las Vegas to arrange a traditional bachelor party.

Tracy’s family doesn’t mind: after all, the bachelor party before the wedding is a legitimate and classic event in the life of any future American family. And where else to go to have a good time, if not to Vegas, right? Apparently, the scene where the main actors play games in the gambling establishment has become an inspiration for a lot of live casino platforms on the Internet.

However, Stu did not tell his girlfriend Melissa that he was going to Vegas. The bachelor party started off mentally. The guys rented a luxury suite for four and a half thousand dollars dressed for a night out and went up to the roof to drink. Old Alan gave a touching speech about how happy he was to make new friends in his lonely wolf pack, after which everyone was lost.

They were found the next day in a wrecked suite with a chicken roaming around and a tiger sitting in the bathroom. Neither of them could remember what had happened the night before. But the worst part was that Doug was nowhere to be found. 

And now the three men have a maximum of 24 hours to find the bridegroom. In addition, they need to find out what kind of baby is sleeping in the closet, and whose tiger it is. In general, they still have a lot to find out in the course of the investigation.

A couple of celebrities will also be involved for cameos – well, for example, Mike Tyson and, say, Wayne Newton. Tyson will definitely give someone a face, but he will show himself to be a connoisseur of music.

Phillips knows how to direct comedies. Everything is developing in the right direction, and most importantly, it looks at least funny.

A fair share of humour is added here by very good, although not very well-known actors. The hardest thing was for Zach Galifianakis. His character is not annoying.

Some episodes in the film are really very funny: watching camera recordings in Mike Tyson’s house, Alan’s speech, visiting a wedding venue, waking up in a suit, driving a car in the morning.

But there is also some strange humour there, like the scene with the police demonstrating stun guns. It looked extremely forced. The main indicator – the box office – is simply stunning! With a cost of 35 million, the picture has collected almost half a billion dollars around the world!

This is a funny movie. Sparkling and subtle humour is replaced by little obscene things. But they are not opposed. Except for a couple of moments.

The soundtrack of the movie is awesome. There are quite a lot of popular and really cool songs. The characters themselves also sing. 

Many good actors, in addition to the main ones, played in this film. They are seen in Phillips films and other comedies. Most often they play small roles.

And Mike Tyson. This is almost his best appearance in feature films. He’s just Mike. He has a tiger. He beats the muzzle and has a mansion in Las Vegas. Really cool guy.

In addition to humour, the film contains meaning. The main idea is outlined at the beginning. And then it matures towards the end. We need to take a look. The most important thing is your friends your family and your love. If you live with a person who is cold and rude towards you, then just say bye to him.

If you haven’t seen The Hangover yet, then it should definitely be on you list of must see movies.